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Popular Home Decorating Styles That Might Interest You

If it’s time to renovate or refresh your home, chances are you’re overwhelmed by a myriad of ideas but the problem is none of them seems to be your perfect match. Well, you are not alone – with so many different styles and concepts available out there, sometimes it is hard to figure out which of them might work for your space. However, once you learn the major characteristics of each style, making the right choice becomes extremely easy. Below is everything you need to know about popular decorating styles that might interest you.

Contemporary Style

A sophisticated mix of simplicity and ultimate comfort, contemporary style is arguably one of the most popular out there, and for the good reason – its versatility makes it suitable for a wide variety of spaces and people of different tastes and preferences. 

This style has a strong focus on the space rather than objects and relies on neutral colors with the incorporation of white and black. The cozy and welcoming environment is created through the use of sleek and uncluttered furniture of simple, geometric shapes. Curved elements or floral prints are a no-no, the preference is given to clean lines and neutral tones. 

If you like metal or stone elements in the home decor, as well as clear glass, then you may think of decorating your home in a contemporary style. When it comes to pillows, rugs, and other extras intended to give the place a soft touch, they are usually made of heavily textured fabrics that feature plain colors. Too colorful or sharp patterns do not match this style, hence be careful with items that have more than two different hues. 

3D Style

With themed interiors becoming more and more popular, state-of-the-art 3D technologies have offered the industry a unique opportunity to bring imagination to life, literally. 

Of course, high-end designers were the first to incorporate this amazing innovation into their creations but today, everyone can take advantage of incredibly realistic images that the human eye sees as three-dimensional objects. As it can be seen at, this decorating style knows no limits and borders, adding vibrancy to any space and any item, from bedding and curtains to walls and flooring. The options are endless while the result is always awe-inspiring.

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If you have been looking for the style able to make your home a true designer masterpiece, then safely call off the search because you have just run into the perfect solution. Again, thanks to the advancement of modern technologies, now you can create a fully customized interior – your beloved photo can magically turn into a fabulous rug while the favorite animal or character of your child can come to life in the room of your son or daughter. Powerful waterfalls, mesmerizing landscapes, the world’s most breathtaking sceneries, and buildings – the sky’s the limit, or, better said, your imagination. 

Industrial Style

The main characteristic of the industrial décor is making the structural parts of the building its primary aesthetic. The rules are simple – you can use whatever you can find in your house or apartment: columns, ducts, beams, or pipes. If you find unfinished brick walls and old iron elements charming, then chances are you will enjoy living in the space decorated in accordance with these principles. Just a heads up, if your house or apartment is not really spacious then continue to look for your perfect fit as industrial style is for homes that can brag of plenty of room and high ceilings.

Urban Style

The name says it all – if you love that crazy busy tempo of big cities and everything that goes together with it, then consider this style next time you are going to revamp your home. The majority of designers agree that urban is an eclectic mix of contemporary and modern spiced up by some elements borrowed from the industrial counterpart. This style is all about calming tones and hues, soft comfy furnishings, extras like petit stools, and a subtle continuity – of course, you do not have to make all room look exactly the same but you have to give them something they will share – a color, a pattern, a material, or another element of décor.

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The unique fusion of simplicity and functionality has been taken to the next level by numerous designers that belong to the Scandinavian school of home decoration. Given a cold climate with the little sun during the day and long nights, people who live in the Nordic countries have always strived to surround themselves with bright colors and natural warm textiles.

Wood and metal finishes are at the core of Scandinavian living, which is usually replenished with plants and fresh flowers. In addition to that, this style has a strong focus on lighting, giving preference to an array of different tables, walls, and floor lamps over massive chandeliers. Candles are an inseparable part of the interior, the more, the merrier.

Art Deco

Being on the rise over the last decade, Art Deco brings to life the glitz and glamour of the roaring twenties. Opulent materials, complex ornaments including all sorts of leaves, branches, and feathers, as well as fashionable animal prints. Amazing fabrics of elegant solid colors or enliven with bold geometric shapes, fascinating black, white, and gold patterns, and, of course, magnificent flooring that is never “just ordinary”. This style requires plenty of accessories while ornate mirrors are a must. Walls are an integral part of ones home’s decor. Whether it be bedroom, kitchen, hallway or bathroom. There are plenty of options you can choose from for the decoration. Choose the best option to decorate your hallway with wall art by Elephant Stock.

Shabby Chic

It comes from France and as all French stuff is exquisite in a very special way. Muted background colors and natural lavish materials serve as a great base for a relaxed and incredibly balanced look. For instance, a Shabby Chic living room would have a neutral vintage sofa, a wooden coffee table, and a vivid velvet armchair next to it. Even though at first glance it may seem like a mismatch, it is what Shabby Chic is all about. 

We bet, you already know which style might be your perfect fit, therefore it’s time to make a plan and start bringing it to life! Do not forget that your home is your castle. 

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