5 Great Hacks For The Office

If you work in an office job, you spend at least 200 hours a week at the office. When you’re spending that much time there, you need some hacks that make it more fun and bearable when life happens while you’re at work.  

Keep Your Space Clean

Having a clean space is so important for your productivity. Work is hard, and most people need several cups of coffee a day to kickstart their morning energy and sustain it through the workday. When you’re sleepy and drinking coffee, spills will inevitably happen. 

Especially if this spill happens in the morning, you’re going to be frustrated and worried about being able to clean it out of the carpet. Our hack – leave a portable carpet cleaner in your office (or in your car) so you can easily grab it when spills happen. 

Using a portable carpet cleaner on tough spots on the carpet is easy and just takes a couple of minutes. You’ll no longer have to worry about coffee stains on the carpet!

Take Breaks

In order to not go completely bonkers from sitting in front of a computer all day, it’s super important to take multiple breaks throughout the day. These can be short breaks like taking a stroll around the office or stepping outside for a little fresh air. 

If you’re not able to leave your desk, try standing up and doing some quick calf raises or squats. You can also try doing a couple of yoga poses or some quick stretching exercises. Just standing up and moving a little will get your muscles moving and your blood pumping, which will make you happier and more productive. 

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It’s also important to give your eyes this break. Staring at a screen puts a strain on your eyes that can induce headaches and damage your eyes over time. Closing your eyes for a few minutes or taking a break to focus your eyes on something further away will help your eyes readjust. 

Natural Light

Having natural light in an office setting is a game-changer when it comes to happiness and productivity. If you are lucky enough to have multiple windows, or even one window in your space, don’t leave the curtains or blinds closed! Open those up and let that natural sunshine come in. 

It is proven that natural light is much better for you and allows you to continue working for longer periods of time. 

Put Away Your Phone

Most jobs have a rule against having your cellphone at your desk, and that’s because they are distracting and time-sucking. If you find yourself fidgeting and not able to focus, don’t turn to your phone. You will end up spending more time staring at yet another screen and you won’t allow yourself to take a meaningful break. 

Again, taking a break to stand up when you find yourself getting distracted is key, but it’s not always possible. Try to avoid tapping your feet, or rapping your pen on the desk as you’re working. Try a fidget spinner! It’s a quiet alternative to bothersome fidgeting habits and it will increase your concentration. 

Add a Plant

Plants are a wonderful addition to an office space, and research has shown that having plants around improves your happiness and your overall mood. Add a couple of plants to your desk area! You’ll enjoy watching them grow and thrive, and they’ll provide much needed fresh oxygen to your space so you can continue working and feeling good while you’re doing it. 

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If you’re worried about not having enough natural light in your space to have a plant, that’s no problem. There are plenty of low light, low maintenance plant options that will do great in whatever level of light you have. 

Enjoy Your Office Space

Since you’re spending so much time at the office, keep these hacks in mind to help you get the most of your space, and enjoy the time you spend there. 

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