How To Drive Safely And Reduce Your Risk Of Accidents

In an ideal world, auto accidents simply wouldn’t happen, but in the real world, millions of them occur every single year, leaving countless people injured and even leading to a tragic loss of life. Every day, around 100 people in the US will die in road accidents, and in many cases, those accidents could so easily have been avoided.

Driving safely and sensibly isn’t always enough to prevent accidents, but it can make a major difference, which is why it’s so important for every road user to understand the risks they face and always treat the act of driving with attention and diligence it deserves. This guide will go over some safe driving tips to help you reduce your own risk of accidents.

Keep Your Distance

The most common type of car accident is the rear-end collision, in which one vehicle drives into the back of another. These kinds of accidents typically happen at intersections, stop signs, and traffic lights, but can also happen out on the highway or while driving around town, typically when cars are driving too close to one another, otherwise known as tailgating.

Tailgating causes so many accidents because the driver at the back doesn’t always have enough time to slow down and stop if the car in front of them suddenly and unexpectedly brakes. For this reason, it’s absolutely vital to keep a healthy distance away from the car ahead of you, and if you notice someone tailgating you, try and put some distance between your vehicles.

Make the Most of Modern Technology

These days, we rely on our smartphones to help out with all kinds of day-to-day activities and tasks, and there’s an app for almost anything, even safe driving. Various safe driving apps can be downloaded directly from popular platform stores like the App Store on Apple devices or the Google Play Store on Android phones, ready to help you become a better driver.

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These apps can be set up before you set off on your daily journeys and help out in various ways. Some of them will act as a GPS and guide you conveniently to your destination, suggesting route changes to help you avoid incidents and stay safe, while others will silence your phone’s notifications to help you avoid distractions or even alert you if you start showing signs of tiredness.

Avoid Distractions

Even though your phone can be a helpful tool while driving, it’s important that you don’t actually make use of it for things like calls, texts, and checking social media while you drive. If you need to do any of those activities, make sure to pull over safely beforehand, as trying to text or call and drive will only raise your risk of having an accident.

Many Americans admit to using their phones while driving, and this is one of the biggest contributors to distracted driving accidents and injuries. All kinds of other distractions can be found in your vehicle too, like little items rolling around and vibrations that both you, or even chatty passengers can take your attention away from difficult intersections.

Watch the Weather

Weather conditions have a huge impact on the safety of the roads. When it’s rainy, for example, brake times and distances can start to increase, or when it’s snowy and icy, the chances of skids can be multiplied. Even when it’s dry and sunny, we tend to think that the roads are safe, but the glare from the sun can sometimes get in your eyes and damage your concentration.

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This is why drivers need to be ready for anything in regard to the weather, able to change their driving approach in order to suit the conditions. When the rain starts to fall, make sure to reduce your speed and keep bigger distances from the vehicles ahead of you, and if conditions get too bad, with storms or serious ice on the roads, consider not driving at all.


There are many ways in which auto accidents can happen, but there are also a lot of different ways in which you can prevent them from happening. This article has covered just a small selection of key tips, and you can carry out further research to find out more about great ways to stay safe behind the wheel. Having a safe and sensible approach to driving can really pay off in the long run, as well as helping to make the roads better for everyone else.

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