Beginner Tips For City Driving

Driving can be stressful for beginners, especially if you find yourself driving on busy roads when you are not used to it. Even experienced drivers can find city driving stressful when there is more traffic, congestion, pedestrians often crossing not at designated areas, limited parking and potentially the issue of not knowing where you are going. So, what are a few tips for stress-free and safe driving in cities?

Have a Suitable Car

First, it is helpful if you have a car that is well-suited to city driving. Things will be much more challenging and stressful in a larger vehicle, so instead you should look to a city car which can make parking and navigating the tight streets much easier, particularly if you will be driving in the city on a regular basis. Something like the Audi A1 is a good choice if you have the budget, otherwise there are a number of compact city cars designed for the challenges of city driving.

Give Yourself More Time

Another helpful tip is to give yourself more time than what you think you need and longer than what the SatNav says. City roads can be incredibly busy and there are many things which could slow down your journey, plus giving yourself plenty of time will reduce stress and should stop you from trying to rush.

Understand the Route

It is also of great help if you clearly know your route, especially if driving somewhere unfamiliar. Looking it up online and perhaps even using Google Street View to familiarise yourself with the area can be highly effective and hopefully stop you from getting lost.

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Slow Down

In addition to giving yourself more time, you should also lower your speed where it is appropriate to do so. There are greater risks and hazards in busy areas so you will need to travel at a slower speed to protect yourself and others, plus this will make it easier to determine exactly where you are going.

Drive With Extra Caution

Following this, you also need to be extra cautious when driving in a busy city. This will involve constantly scanning the road ahead and being wary of other cars, cyclists, pedestrians and any other potential danger. This means that you should also minimize distractions, so it is a good idea to turn off the radio and to stop conversations if travelling with others.

Driving in a busy city will always be stressful to a certain degree, but these are tips which should help to lower your stress and ensure that you arrive on time and without any major issues. The key is to make sure that you are well-prepared before setting off and to pay close attention to everything around you as soon as you enter the city.

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