Why is pay-per-click advertising so effective?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is among the most proven marketing channels out there for attracting customers. By bidding on terms that people are actively searching or placing ads on websites that target audiences are likely to browse, businesses can drive relevant traffic and boost conversions. 

Research shows that 65% of consumers click on PPC ads over organic search results – so businesses not using this channel are seriously missing out. If you, your boss or a client still needs some convincing, here are four key reasons why PPC is worth investing in.  

It’s cost-effective

PPC advertising spend is completely controllable. You can set budgets by ad, keyword and daily spend, and only ever pay when a user actually visits your website. 

While you’ll need to pay close to the market rate to have an impact, you can then bring your spend down over time by optimising your account. By learning what strategies pay off and which don’t, you can re-allocate spend in real time to maximise your investment.

And if you ever need to take a break, simply hit pause and stop your ad spend instantly. 

It’s measurable

PPC advertising is inherently more measurable than many other marketing channels. You can view high-level performance metrics in real-time such as impressions and clicks, as well as tailored conversion goals such as purchases and form submissions. 

Collecting all this data makes it easy to gain insights and track ROI on a monthly or even daily basis. Platforms such as Google Ads make it easy to pull actionable reports, which are perfect for proving its value to your key stakeholders.   

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It’s fast

Whether setting it up yourself or outsourcing PPC management to an agency, you can get up and running in no time and start seeing results almost immediately. This contrasts with digital tactics such as SEO which can take months to make a difference.  

It’s not an issue if your competitors have been using PPC for longer than you. While you’ll need to invest time consistently to get the best results, you could be battling for the top spot in a matter of weeks.  

It’s targeted

PPC allows you to hone in on exactly who you want to target. You can choose to show tailored ads to audiences based on demographics such as location, language and device. 

Crucially, that includes people outside of those who are already aware of your brand. You aren’t limited to your existing social media followers or email lists. But at the same time, you can also set up retargeting campaigns to advertise to people who have visited your website in the past. 

PPC offers lots of compelling benefits for businesses. Is yours using this channel as effectively as it could?

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