Is Your Dog Behaving Strangely? Here’s What to Do

Dogs are practically our children, whom we love and nurture with care and tenderness. We love them passionately, and they love us back. However, just like kids, they start behaving oddly at times and may even pick up a nasty habit. With time, the situation may spiral out of control.

Normally, pet parents lose control and try to discipline their pets. However, there are occasions when punishment does nothing except make things harder. So, instead of mishandling the matter, it’s best to figure out what’s wrong with them and how to fix it. It may not be an easy task, but don’t worry, this article will assist you. Just stay with me to the end, and you’ll discover a way out.

01. Aggression

You must have pictured a dog being assaulted and getting violent just by reading this headline “aggressive.” However, this is not always the case; occasionally, they are harmless aggressive.

These mild aggressive behaviors, on the other hand, must be addressed before they become dangerous. Aggressive symptoms include a dog defending its food, being hostile towards other dogs, excessive growling, showing teeth, and so on. If your dog is becoming fierce, disciplining them and establishing boundaries will only make them more hostile.

It is better to be friendly with them, praise them, and offer them a reward. If there are no improvements over time, have them undergo dog board and train programs by experienced professionals. They are skilled at dealing with such behavior more patiently and effectively. In a matter of days, your dog will be back to normal, if not better behaved.

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02. Chewing

It’s a wonder why dogs enjoy footwear so much that they chew and ruin it. For your favorite pair of shoes that are also expensive, the pain is real. They also have a liking for mattresses and sofas, which they shred. They chew on various household items, which might make them sick and cost you money. This type of chewing might be caused by boredom, nervousness, aggressiveness, or teething.

Because this is a bad habit, it is critical to help them forget about chewing items. Start by giving them chew toys that are both flavorful and long-lasting. Next, never leave them unattended, and keep all chewable things out of their sight. You may also put them in a crate if necessary.

03. Barking

Dogs’ happy barks are soothing to the ears, but it becomes quite unpleasant when they bark 24/7. This becomes an issue not just for you but also for your neighbors. But to solve the dog barking problem, it is wrong to believe that screaming at them would help. They will interpret your shouting as barking and will respond by barking back.

Identify the cause of their excessive barking and see what you can do. If they are barking because they are lonely or scared, make your house and his bed a comfortable and safe place for them. You may also try the bark on order trick. Each time they bark, instruct them to bark louder until they quit. Then, order them to be quiet. If nothing else succeeds, get a cruel free bark collar. It will certainly work when triggered by multiple barks from the dog.

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04. Anxiety

Dogs, like humans, experience emotions. As a result, when they are away from their companions, they become anxious and behave differently. It all starts with hysterical sobs and progresses to peeing inside. When they are in pain, it is essential to understand and support them than to be harsh on them.

Do whatever you can to help them get out of their misery, from turning the TV on to arranging relaxing music to feeding them to taking them on a walk. If they are still sad and anxious, your last solution is to take them to the vet or trainer.

05. Pulling

A delightful dog walk might turn into a life-threatening situation if your dog pulls and strangles himself to death. There are also traffic and road laws that he does not understand. If he pulls, both you and he may be pushed into traffic. As a result, he must be refrained from doing so.

Investing in a high-quality dog leash will help you keep your dog from tugging. You may also purchase a harness for the same purpose. Both of these things make it more difficult for your dog to pull, and he will ultimately give up. This protects both you and him from injuries while also allowing your arm to breathe.

It is always best to treat dogs with love, care, and kindness, regardless of their behavior. If conditions worsen, use a variety of dog accessories or, better yet, seek expert treatment. After all, dogs are family, too, so you should not leave any stone unturned while helping them.

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