Does Blockchain Technology Hold the Key to a New Era of Automation?

The history of humankind started with the Stone Age and today reached the matters of robotics, computing systems, and artificial intelligence. The development of computer-related technologies progresses by leaps and bounds and becomes faster and faster every year. Computer-based education, machine learning, AI, and everything around them make us understand that more and more aspects of common life have been and will be automated. Of course, it does not mean that human force and skills will not be required in the future since new opportunities granted by automated ways of life will be followed by new challenges that are still to be seen in the future. Moreover, when it comes to blockchain, we must admit that it would be an excellent solution for many possible issues since it is attributed to an inalterable ledger and automated smart contracts. In addition, it gives the perfect possibility to make free Bitcoin with RollerCoin.

Blockchain: How it Works

Blockchain technology is strongly coupled together with one of the types of digital money referred to as Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency is a means of settlement, emitted and held in electronic format within the decentralized account ledger that contains the data about all “miners” that keep Bitcoin balances. These miners are the solution to many sophisticated challenges that constantly defy the security of the entire blockchain network.

The authors of Bitcoin escaped recognition, and this fact made the apologists of conspiracy theories find another fertile ground for assumptions and speculations. The technology of blockchain is widespread, and no individual or legal entity claimed any copyright for it. This allows many adherers to adapt this technology for other practices including but not limited to, for example, protection against legitimization of proceeds of crime, delivery chain management, operations with real estate, procedures of the ballot, non-fungible tokens, and social welfare.

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Scheduled Economic Paradigm

A programmed economy is a concept stating that in the future, all manufacturing and consumption of commodities together with services will be preset in accordance with a certain schedule that was developed for the support, promotion, and facilitation of all processes occurring in the economy.

Blockchain technology will be the tool that unites real and digital realms, thus causing many changes in culture, economy, and society, whereas smart contracts are the tools that were designed to unite blockchain technology with process supervision. They authorize settlements that cohere and accord with the web-enabled Internet of Things, including the ability of gadgets to cooperate proactively.

The Future of the Blockchain Technology

In 2009, Bitcoin has become the first application in the blockchain technology. From that time, venturers and tech geeks have started searching for other opportunities that could be obtained from such technology. The research is stipulated by the fact that most people are involved in blockchain technology only when purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies. Initially, Bitcoin was the killer application within the world of blockchain, but now, many specialists have begun to understand that if it remains limited only to cryptocurrencies, it will not remain an innovative and mainstream technology forever. Therefore, the researchers look for and invent new uses for already existing blockchain technology. For now, we know for sure that it has a future.

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