4 Ways To Prepare Your Garden For The Winter

The autumn months are an ideal time to start preparing your garden for winter. As the cold weather begins to set in, protecting, tidying, and organising your garden should be a priority. The extra time you invest in your garden this autumn will pay off as spring begins next year. So, here are our top 5 ways to prepare your garden for the winter.

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Make repairs 

Keeping your plants and shrubs looking beautiful during the summer months can consume your attention. Often, the structural parts of our garden can get neglected because of this, making them look shabby. You may have raised beds, compost bins, sheds, fences, or patio tiles to fix. If you do, make sure you sort them before winter. 

Any unsafe structures in your garden risk getting broken due to weathering, potentially damaging your plants or shrubs around them. So, replace any rotting fence posts, pots, or tiles you need to before the bad weather sets in. 

Collect autumn leaves 

As the autumn begins to boast its beautiful warm colours, the leaves begin to fall to the ground and pile up in unwanted places. If you don’t pick up unwanted leaves on your lawn, they can stunt its growth in the springtime. 

Leaves can be dangerous when sat on pathways as they soon become slippery underfoot. What’s more, the more they get trodden on, the more they pile up – making your job much harder in the long run. 

However, if you use a leaf blower to pile autumn leaves under hedges or in corners of your garden – leave them be as animals will use them to hibernate during the winter months. 

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Tidy up old plants

If some of your plants have died, they not only look messy but can also start to attract unwanted attention in your garden. As plants begin to rot, they will attract vermin and diseases. So, make sure you clean up your garden before the winter to avoid any unwanted attention. 

Feed the wildlife

The adverse weather typical during the winter months can be a danger to your local wildlife. Birds, animals, and insects all struggle to access the food and water they so desperately need. So, consider making bird feeders and animal boxes to ensure they survive during the cold weather. Also, as the ponds and water sources freeze over, place a bowl or tub of tap water outside so they can access freshwater. 

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