The Latest Portrait Photography Tips That You Should Start Using Today

The Latest Portrait Photography Tips That You Should Start Using Today

The photography market in the United States is growing rapidly, and that includes portrait photography. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been taking photos for many years, it’s good to ensure that your photography skills are as strong as possible.

Let’s go through the top portrait photography tips you need to break out.

Pick the Right Background

The background of your photo can really make or break an image. If you pick one that’s too busy, it’ll take away from your subject. That’s why one of the top photography tips is to keep things simple.

If you make a mistake with your background, all is not lost. You can use a free background remover to switch it out and add one that makes more sense for your image.

Direct Your Subject

You don’t want your subject looking lost or confused in the photo. Not giving your subject proper direction is a common mistake in amateur photography.

You can also direct your subject between shots to get a wide range of different images. You can try different points of view, like having your subject lie down and shooting them from above.

Think about where your subject is looking. They can look straight into the lens, or you can have them look out of the frame. 

You also don’t necessarily had to stick to standard photography rules and techniques. Start by following the rule of threes, but feel free to change things out later if you want to experiment. The rule of space means you usually want to have your subject looking off into space, but you can have them look wherever you want if you think it’s going to make for a better photo.

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You can also use a candid approach, rather than a posed shoot. Some of the best photographers ask their subjects to do what feels natural, so that they can get a portrait that brings out the best in them. You can follow your subject around in their environment, or sit them down in a way that feels comfortable to them.

Use Lighting

Changing up your lighting can completely transform your portrait photography. If you’re shooting outside, you can use natural light, but adding a little extra lighting can really make your subject pop. Strobe lighting is one great option for outdoor shoots.

You can also use gels to change the color temperature of the lighting. Blue gels will cool your images down, while amber lights will warm them up.

When you’re shooting inside, you probably don’t want to use direct lighting straight in your subject’s face. This tends to wash people out, and makes for boring images. Instead, try lighting your subject from the side, and use reflectors to direct the lighting where you want it to go. 

Use These Portrait Photography Tips Today

With these portrait photography pointers, you’ll have photos that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, whether you’re the subject or photographer.

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