Tips To Improve Your Sites Google Ads Conversion Rates

Google Ads can help businesses generate great results fast, but only when used correctly. Unfortunately, after setting up Google Ads, most businesses focus on traffic and clicks rather than what matters most: conversions. Traffic and clicks give your business more impressions, but they aren’t what your business needs. The following tips can help you improve your Google Ads conversion rates if you’re getting more traffic and clicks without conversions.

Use Specific Keywords in the Headline and Content 

Using specific keywords creates better and higher conversion rates than general keywords. For instance, considering the following keywords below, one can result in a higher conversion rate for a person seeking support for Google Ads:

  • Ads agency 
  • Google Ads agency

All the keywords are great, but ‘Google Ads Agency‘ is specific and will lead to a higher conversion rate than a general one like ‘Ads agency.’ People searching for ad models/agencies have researched different ad agencies and only want to settle and buy.

Remember that specific keywords can result in low traffic or fewer impressions. Find a balance between being too specific and general enough to match searches that result in improved conversion rates.

Invest in Content and Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a perfect complement for Google Ads. Google Ads will deliver almost instant traffic (and possible clicks). 64.6% of shoppers will click Google Ads if it shows what they’re trying to buy. When these people click on your ad, it takes them to your website or store. This is where SEO comes into play. SEO is a digital marketing’s long-term investment that can generate medium to long-term results. The elements of your SEO that will drive better conversations include:

  • Quality landing page: Align your Google Ad Copy with the landing page copy. Many people get turned off when what the page contains differs from what the Ad said. Always test your landing page design and see how customers respond to it before making it public.
  • Quality content: Once the customer lands on your page, they’ll scan the content. Quality content attracts conversions, and they’ll leave without buying if the content is boring.
  • Page speed: Speed is not only a landing page factor for Google Ads and Search but also a conversion factor. If your page takes longer to load, the customer might be distracted or opt for other pages that load faster.
  • Page structure: Do not make page navigation too complicated. 
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If you’re not sure about SEO or how it works, hiring an SEO consultant can help you reap greater benefits. If used well, Google Ads with SEO converts 50% better than organic search.

Use Negative Keywords to Filter Ad Traffic

Traffic and clicks are important in Google Ads because they’re the basic leads you need to convert. If you refine them, you’ll get leads that are ready to buy. This is where negative keywords and prices come in to improve conversion rates.

A negative keyword is a word/phrase that prevents your ad’s search term from being triggered for the keyword. For example, when you use a negative keyword “cheap” on your ad (“cheap Google Ad agency”) people who search for the phrase won’t see your ads. This means you’ll block people who aren’t ready to buy, but are just browsing around. 

Examples of negative keywords are cheap, free, torrent, YouTube, and Craigslist. These negative search terms discourage ready-to-buy leads from clicking on your site. Only people searching for free or torrent sites, for example, will click on your site. However, they’ll benefit you in three ways:

  • Reduce CPC
  • Increased CTR
  • Boost ROI


Google Ads gets high traffic to your site faster, but you need to do more work to convert the leads to customers, such as proper keywords, negative keywords, great SEO, and quality content.

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