Are Online Casinos Legal in Sweden?

The first question people usually have is whether it is legal to play online casino games in a certain country, which is natural because nobody wants to get in trouble. Speaking of Sweden, the laws make it legal for citizens to engage in online gambling. It means that you can open the best online casino Sweden and play any games you like.

 The change appeared on January 1, 2019, when the Swedish Gambling Authority started accepting casino license applications from foreign gambling providers. Noteworthy, this law happens to be an effort to help government revenue grow. There is an extra goal of encouraging the development of safe gambling websites, and it is to stimulate market growth.

3 Tips for Picking the Right Online Casino

Even though gambling is completely legal in Sweden, you still need to know how to choose the right platform. Here are the three main tips that should help you:

  1. Security. The diversity of online casinos is bigger than ever before, which means that it is more like a challenge for many people to find the right website. The first thing you should look for is whether the online casino holds a Swedish casino license that has been provided by the Swedish gambling authority Spelinspektionen. The license appeared in 2019 when the Swedish Government voted in brand-new gaming legislation. The goal of the legislation was to clean up the market and exclude providers who were not able to guarantee the safety and security of personal information and payments.
  2. Reputation. There is a wide variety of gambling websites, and some of them cannot boast a great reputation. You should only opt for online casinos that are well-established on the Swedish market and obtain a license issued by the government.  The reason is that this license shows that the gambling website meets the criteria for quality and safety.
  3. The game selection. If you choose the right casino, it means that there is a variety of games to suit personal preferences. Some gambling websites can deliver hundreds of various kinds of games, while others are only able to offer a meager selection. You can also find gambling platforms that provide newcomers with the opportunity to test some games before they decide.
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How Do I Protect Myself While Playing Online Games?

Thanks to the new law, the number of gambling websites has significantly grown in Sweden. However, this impressive number of online casinos also implies that you must know how to stay safe while making bets online. Below, you can find a few measures.

1.     You should only choose a reliable online casino with reviews. Even if the chosen gambling website has a license, you should still check what other people say about it. In addition to that, real reviews will help you learn about the different pros and cons of the online casino.

2.     You should only access secure apps and websites. Whichever gambling website you decide to use, you should make sure that the site address is preceded by an “https://” extension. Thanks to this, you can be sure that it is secure. If the online casino has an app, you should only download it from a legitimate source, such as the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, or the gambling website itself.

3.     You should check the privacy policy of the online casino. It is a bad idea to sign up for any gambling website without reading the terms and conditions. The privacy policy must also be looked through. In this case, you will avoid unnecessary losses or complications.

Final Words

Even though online casinos are legal in Sweden, you should still make sure that you are going to use a safe online casino. That is why you should always keep in mind the basic safety tips that can potentially save your money, time, and nerves.

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