04 Sep 2018

A Beleaguered Britain Takes Comfort In Nostalgia For Empire

The British empire never lacked contradictions. A global juggernaut standing with its military boot on

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24 Jul 2018

How 156 Years Of British Rule Shaped Hong Kong

Even though Britain gave Hong Kong back to China 21 years ago, today when you

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15 Jun 2018

Why Are White People Expats When The Rest Of Us Are Immigrants?

Surely any person going to work outside their country is an expatriate? But no, the

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29 Nov 2017

Lawn Care & Gardening In The City: How to Utilise Your Urban Green Space

Gardening has been a longstanding passion of the British people, regardless of where they live

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01 Jul 2017

Is Hong Kong A Part Of China?

Is Hong Kong a part of China? With the Hong Kong elections coming up, and

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01 Jul 2017

Hong Kong : The 20th Anniversary Of The Handover

Hong Kong is marking 20 years since the territory was handed from Britain to China, bringing

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02 Oct 2015

Mahatma Gandhi : Lessons On How To Wisely Win Without Brute

Today, October 2, marks the anniversary of the birth of Mohandas Gandhi. Gandhi is best

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