04 Sep 2018

Who Belongs In A City?

Underneath every shiny new megacity, there’s often a story of communities displaced. In this moving,

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02 Mar 2018

Planning Our Connection To The Natural Landscape

Have we become too detached from our landscapes and our sense of place within the

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27 Feb 2018

Humanitarian Aid System Is A Continuation Of The Colonial Project

To fix the flawed humanitarian system, practitioners need to collaborate with affected populations as equal

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01 Feb 2018

When Nationalism No Longer Works, Maybe It Is Time For Civicism

“I love New York” is perhaps the most successful slogan in modern history. Cities around

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06 Apr 2017

How The World’s First Cities Got Started

A 12,000-year-old “Stonehenge on steroids” transformed nomadic humans into members of complex societies. When the

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28 Feb 2017

The Top 10 Craziest Party Hotspots In The World

Some people love to party, at home or on vacation, and the world has some

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04 Nov 2016

Happy, Healthy, And Simple Neighbourhoods Can Be Yours

Modern life is proving more complex, tiresome and heavy-going than we imagined. We live under

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27 Apr 2016

Raising The Bar For Smart Cities In Singapore

Government-deployed sensors will collect and coordinate an unprecedented amount of data on daily life in

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26 Apr 2016

Our World Is Run By Global Corporations & Megacities, Not Countries

As cities and companies gain in influence and the power of nation-states decreases, the world

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11 Mar 2016

Give London’s Citizen The Freedom To Live Well

A city will struggle if it can no longer house the people who teach, clean,

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08 Dec 2015

The Truth Behind The Gender Wage Gap In The U.S.

“The gender wage gap is complicated. Most people have heard that women make, on average,

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04 Sep 2015

Why Doesn’t New Orleans Look More Like Amsterdam?

Meet David Waggonner: the urban and environmental architect who wants New Orleans to come to

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02 Sep 2015

How Transportation Nourishes And Shapes Urban Communities

It is estimated that by 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities.

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28 Aug 2015

Fun Friday : Three Cities. Public Spaces. Street Pianos.

When walking in downtown Hangzhou, China, one can safely expect to see a healthy variety

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19 Aug 2015

How Car-Centric Cities Like Phoenix Learned To Love Light Rail

While other cities have struggled to finance their existing transit, Sun Belt cities like Phoenix

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10 Jul 2015

What Urban Design Can Actually Do To Address Police Violence

Leaders in the field discuss what design can—and can’t—accomplish in the service of communities like

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19 Jun 2015

Our Elders Who Built Our Great Cities Deserve Better

Too many urban spaces are daunting to older people. But Lyon and Manchester show that

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09 May 2015

Model Village Lessons

  Visiting a new settlement planned on utopian principles during my travels through France this

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06 May 2015

Smaller Cities Unite

  What does Copenhagen have in common with Providence, Rhode Island? Both are small cities

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05 Feb 2015

Communities Of The Future Will Be Organised on Transportation

The era of transit-oriented development and “networked livable communities” has arrived. The Great Recession has

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30 Jan 2015

When It Comes to City Happiness, People Are Key

The notion that condensed living spaces always heighten misery is flawed; interaction keeps us sharp

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