19 May 2020

All Of The World’s Wealth In One Visualization

If all of the world’s wealth were lumped together, how much would it be worth?

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24 Oct 2019

United Nations At 74: What Is The UN, Anyway?

October 24 is United Nations (UN) Day, marking the day the organization came into existence.

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04 Jan 2019

A Healthy Economy Should Be Designed To Thrive Not Grow

What would a sustainable, universally beneficial economy look like? “Like a doughnut,” says Oxford economist

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17 Oct 2017

Why Are the Top Ten Richest Countries Small?

What is common between the top ten richest countries in the world?   This video

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26 Apr 2016

Our World Is Run By Global Corporations & Megacities, Not Countries

As cities and companies gain in influence and the power of nation-states decreases, the world

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11 Jan 2016

You Must Discover These Top 10 Secret Countries

Setting up a country is a tricky business. You can have your own army, passports,

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25 Aug 2015

Top Notch Talent? Head Over To Top Notch Countries!

New data from LinkedIn shows certain professionals are moving away from countries like India and

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14 Jul 2015

Who And What Are The Root Cause Of Climate Change

As the world gears up for a crucial climate summit in Paris this December, a

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20 May 2015

Why We Shouldn’t Judge A Country By Its GDP

Gross Domestic Product has become the yardstick by which we measure a country’s success. But,

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16 Apr 2015

A Most Taken For Granted Proof Of Freedom, Or Lack Of

A passport is a simple paper booklet yet it represents power, privilege, and opportunities for the

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