01 Dec 2019

The Global Economic Impact Of Terrorism

Apart from fear and fatalities, terrorist attacks also impact our economy negatively. Each year, we

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07 Nov 2019

A Brief History Of The ISIS: How One Of The World’s Most Violent Terror Group Rose To Power

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead, as confirmed by the terrorist militant group also

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28 Oct 2019

Baghdadi’s Death Is A Huge Blow To Islamic State, But History Suggests It Won’t Guarantee A Safer World

“A very bad man” has been killed and “the world is now a much safer

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15 Feb 2018

Could These Predictions Of The Future Actually Come True?

A blind mystic who many claim predicted 9/11, the rise of ISIS, the Boxing Day

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18 Oct 2017

The Middle East’s Cold War, Explained

The Middle East is one of the most complex regions in the world. Since the

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