08 Jun 2020

How A Global Ocean Treaty Could Protect Biodiversity In The High Seas

Oceans cover 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface. But, because many of us spend

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19 Mar 2020

4 Facts Of Plastic Water Bottles And The Impact To Climate Change In 2020

The dangers of climate change are very real. They are already being felt in certain

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08 Oct 2019

The Biggest Threat To Our Oceans Is That We’ve Taken Them For Granted

‘Most of the people on the planet … think the ocean is a problem for

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28 Aug 2019

Designing New Ways To Make Use Of Ocean Plastic

Beachcombing has long been a part of life for island communities. On the southwestern edge

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22 Jul 2019

Genius Inventions: Solution To Water Pollution

Water pollution is a huge threat not only for us humans but also to aquatic

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10 Jul 2019

Floating Cities: Cities Of The Future

Ever thought of living in a floating city? Oceanix is one step closer to that

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08 Jul 2019

Where Do The Oceans’ Microplastics Come From?

Microplastics spell trouble and the world’s oceans are infested by these. What are they and

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17 Jun 2019

Top 10 Countries With The Largest Contribution Of Garbage In The Ocean

Pollution dominates the world’s oceans and these bodies of water are in a very precarious

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24 Sep 2018

4 Ways To Curb Our Addiction To Plastic

Not all plastic is evil, but our world could probably do with a whole lot

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23 Aug 2018

Plastic Straws Aren’t The Problem

Skipping straws may be hip. But there are much better ways to fight pollution. New York’s

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25 Jun 2018

Warming Oceans May Spark International ‘Fish Wars’

Climate change is forcing fish species to shift their habitats faster than the world’s system

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24 Apr 2015

A City Is Near By The Plastic In The Sea

Two French oceanography researchers expected to find pollution on their 8,345km, 14-month kayak journey from

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