25 Feb 2020

4 European Cities With Low Living Costs But A Great Quality Of Life

For those people who are looking to get the most out of life by moving

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04 Jan 2017

We Are Missing Some Crucial City Quality Metrics

Cultural amenities like parks and museums attract young talent to big cities. But how do

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20 Oct 2015

Why Smart Cities, As It Is Portrayed, Is Not Always Really Smart

Digital tracking systems – The smart city ‘is a promise to improve quality of life,

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09 Oct 2015

A 21st Century Smart Metrics Guide For Smart Cities

Smart cities make sense: they waste less, offer better quality of life and ensure a

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08 Oct 2015

Why New York, Not London, Is The Economic Powerhouse Of The World

New York and London are both powerhouse cities, competitive in everything from fashion, music, and

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29 Apr 2015

Ten Things For The Perfect City

A hipster economy and celebrities misbehaving in public are also essential for the ideal city.

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03 Mar 2015

Vancouver, Ottawa Among Top 5 Quality-Of-Life Cities In North America

Canadian cities dominate North America’s top-five list for quality of life in a closely watched

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