What to Expect from Live Streaming in 2022

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t interacted with live streaming technology over the last couple of years. Enabling catch-ups between far-flung relatives and near-seamless work communications, live streaming and live video became mainstream from 2020 onwards. The tech has developed a great deal in a very short space of time.

Even though many predict, and hope, that live streaming will be less relied upon in 2022, savvy developers will continue to seek new ways to build and apply the tech. So, here’s a look at what live streaming has achieved, as well as what’s to come in the near future.

A convenient and reliable method of communication

Once it became all-but a necessity, live streaming figures blew up. It was already on the rise, with a 2019 report finding minutes-per-session counts rising significantly to over 26 minutes per session. By April 2020, the online live streaming industry had already risen by 99 percent, according to statistics complied by Dacast. All of this demand led to huge strides in improving stream quality and cutting latency issues, with the likes of Zoom climbing to the top of the rankings.

Remote work is still very much in place around the world, and thanks to the reliability of live streaming providers, many people hope that the current state of play continues into 2022. Nowhere near as much of an inconvenience as once perceived, not to mention cost-saving benefits, using video calls is now seen as a key piece of the future of work. However, even though the tech is there, hybrid working and phasing down pure remote working looks to be the aim for many in the corporate world.

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For work, live video needs to be little more than an in-person conversation, perhaps with a shared screen from time to time. In entertainment, live streaming has to be so much more. Interactive and immersive is what people need, and as Asiabet details in its online casino guide for Thailand, live streaming casino games makes them convenient and akin to in-hall gaming. With all of the classic games like blackjack and more becoming live titles, the best sites have made it possible to play in real-time via an interactive live stream. However, this is just one of many factors that determines the quality of a site as other areas such as odds and the range of promotions are significant. The competition between online casinos means that sites are constantly looking to stand out from the others by offering generous bonuses, good value odds, and large gaming libraries filled with titles such as slots and live casino titles.

Of course, live streaming has also been key to a now very popular form of gaming entertainment. Watching others play video games online and the competitive scene of eSports have leaned on live streaming. It has allowed eSports to have a strong footing, much like traditional sports, and creative personalities have started to craft communities around their gaming. It’s quite similar to live streaming in social media circles, with people becoming influencers thanks to their application of live streaming and hosting of live online events.

Live streaming in 2022

Much of the improvements that can safely be predicted for live streaming in 2022 revolve around user experience and reliability. Aspects like improved video quality will be top of the bill for many developers, particularly those who reckon they can stand out by offering efficient ultra HD streaming. Readily available cameras have up to 6K capabilities, but the live streaming technology isn’t there just yet.

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While this may not matter too much for calls with colleagues and friends, it will greatly influence the high-momentum scene of livestream eCommerce. Already a colossal hit in China, with Alibaba being among the pioneers of the method, the immersive viewing of seeing a trusted influencer trying and critiquing goods will become more common around the world. Facebook has already launched Live Shopping Fridays.

A much more out-there application of live streaming that could start to pick up steam is that of VR live streaming. With its Facebook overlord, the Oculus headset will almost certainly be infused with live streaming experiences in 2022. The parent company, Meta, is already obsessed with the idea of the Metaverse, and having massive live interactions within a VR landscape will almost certainly mark a big step towards this eventual digital dystopia.

Live streaming has embedded itself as a core part of modern life, with widespread adoption meaning that it certainly won’t fade away anytime soon. In fact, if the projections are to come to fruition, the technology will become a greater part of our other activities.

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