13 Sep 2018

Why Diversity Is Vital For A Healthy Democracy

Democracy demands a robust contest of ideas to thrive, and diversity is the best way

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26 Jun 2018

Why Peace Walls & Other Social Frontiers Can Breed Crime & Conflict In Cities

In several cities across Northern Ireland, so-called “peace walls” mark the boundaries between Catholic and

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11 May 2018

Why Racial Segregation Is A Design Feature, Not A Bug, Of US Cities

The National Housing Act of 1934, part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ following the

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27 Sep 2016

Oil & Water: Ironies In City Zoning Goals With Segregation Outcomes

A new study identifies the precise ways that stricter land use regulations lead to greater

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05 Feb 2016

Why The Downward Spiral Of Inequality Is Becoming Harder To Fix

Why does economic inequality—as opposed to just poverty—matter? There are a lot of reasons, but

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12 Feb 2015

The Hidden Ways Urban Design Segregates The Poor

There’s a name for uncomfortable benches, hard-to-reach parks, and ubiquitous surveillance: disciplinary architecture. When news

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