TomorrowWalker’s Poem for Christchurch

Christchurch, you wee bright gem you
Ready to jump back into the blue
Dipping your toes in the frothy ocean edge
To do your best is all that you pledge

And it’s already underway, it’s all on
Spreading your wings like a gentle swan
Steel, concrete, leaves and innovation all new
Hands holding you together are far from few

For some, each day is still a struggle, long and hard
Hang in there we say, it may just be the final yard
Time seems at a standstill but rushes at the same time
We will help you to the finish line

Small gardens are popping up glorious with blush
Coloured sheep mark out roads for the daily rush
Art fills whole sides of building structures, bright and bold
Cranes mark the horizon as we watch it all unfold

Some roads still twist while others are repaired
Some things stay untouched because people cared
Countless decisions are left to be made
But that’s okay, everyone is coming to aid

So here’s to getting there because it’s going to be a long way
Rising against the odds as we put in both hard work and play
We are the city to look out for
And we have the key to open the door

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