7 Amazing Ancient And Natural Wonders Redux Through Lego

Ancient, natural and modern wonders from around the world have been painstakingly built from Lego for a new book.
Featuring 60 reconstructions, Brick Wonders showcases Warren Elsmore’s quest to construct famous monuments from around the globe.

The new book showcases photos of Stonehenge, Petra and Angkor Wat, to Niagra Falls, the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Wall of China – all made from the colourful small bricks.

Brick Wonders: The Great Wall of China is among the world’s most famous treasures built out of Lego for the new book



Ancient wonder: The historical ruins of Petra in Jordan have been reconstructed using Lego for a new book



Around the world: Author Warren Elsmore’s work includes a reconstruction of Stonehenge using the small bricks


Elsmore’s work includes seven ancient wonders such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, depicted as they might have been. And he has also constructed modern inventions, such as electricity and transport, represented by the Hoover Dam, Panama Canal, and the International Space Station.

Brick Wonders, which is published this week by Mitchell Beazley, promises ‘an enthralling journey around the world for anyone in love with the transformative power of the plastic brick’.


Underwater inspiration: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, in Queensland, is among the world treasures made out of Lego for the book



Ancient monuments: The Hindu Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia was painstakingly built out of Lego for Brick Wonders


Elsmore, from Edinburgh, said he’s been in love with Lego since the age of four.
He added: “I hope you enjoy Brick Wonders – whether you decide to build any of the models, or just admire the images. And remember, if you want to build your own wonders but don’t have the bricks I’ve used, don’t worry.”

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Masterpiece: America’s Grand Canyon is one of the world wonders built out of Lego and photographed for the book



Global treasures: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, has been recreated out of colourful bricks


Build from your heart and your imagination, and you can’t go wrong building your own brick wonder.’
Prolific AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO), Elsmore travels the world for work, creating and designing architectural feats in Lego.


This feature originally appeared in DailyMail.


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