25 Oct 2019

As The Climate Changes, Architects And Engineers Need To Design Buildings Differently

In the past seven years, four major disasters have caused serious disruptions in the Northeast

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15 May 2019

A Month After The Fire: Rebuilding The Notre-Dame Cathedral

It’s been a month since the Notre Dame cathedral was razed by flames last April

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28 Feb 2019

The Best Way To Brand A City? With Architecture And Food

Berlin is big beers and the Fernsehturm TV tower. Paris is the Eiffel Tower, croissants,

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15 Oct 2018

An Intriguing Sci-Fi Vision Of A Megacity

Artist Olalekan Jeyifous creates fantastical, futuristic images of Lagos, Nigeria, to get people thinking about

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17 Sep 2018

How To Make Creative Cities — From Buildings To Buses

“I am in love with cities,” says British designer and architect Thomas Heatherwick (TED Talk: Building the

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03 Sep 2018

What Would Cities Look Like If They Were Designed By Mothers?

Architecture’s lack of diversity shows in environments created by people who never need step-free access

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30 Jul 2018

The World’s 18 Strangest Bridges

Some bridges are engineered with nothing but utility in mind—for these, aesthetic design is secondary

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11 Jun 2018

The Secret Solution To Urban Heat As Taught By Termites

How do you cool a building without air conditioning? In nature, termites build skyscraper-like mounds

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14 May 2018

What Makes Housing Great? Here’s New York City’s Guide

Anyone can use the city’s new guide to affordable housing–and eventually, it could go global.

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09 May 2018

A Playful Solution To The Housing Crisis

Frustrated by her lack of self-determination in the housing market, Sarah Murray created a computer

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17 Apr 2018

We Need Bigger Cities, But We Also Need Unique Cities

“If you don’t want processed food, why do you want processed cities?” asks architect Vishaan

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07 Mar 2018

Life Imitating Art, Architectures Imitating Nature

“These biomimetic designs reflect the natural world.” Architects have long been inspired by nature. Evidence

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28 Feb 2018

The Immigrant Architects Who Built New York City

The common wisdom is that New York is a city built by immigrants, its spirit

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27 Feb 2018

The 14 Epic Must-See Libraries Of The World

A cab driver once told me that, at the age of eight, he walked 10

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26 Jan 2018

Smart Cities That Are Bastions For Tech Jobs, 2018

 Smart city growth is at a tipping point, and there are plenty of jobs

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30 Nov 2017

Why Are Cities Full Of Uncomfortable Benches

It’s not just you, city benches are actually designed to be uncomfortable.   This video

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28 Nov 2017

How The ‘Queen Of The Curve’ Redefined Our Cities Around The World

From Beirut to Beijing, Zaha Hadid’s distinctive buildings have transformed skylines around the world. Nicknamed

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20 Jul 2017

What 5,000 Americans Think About Urban Design

Park benches, well-maintained lots, planters full of bright flowers, lamp posts — these are public

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14 Jul 2017

Chinese Architecture: Spectacular, Or Eccentric?

China is no stranger to contemporary architecture that boggles the mind or appears to side-step

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19 Jun 2017

Smart And Green Real Estate Makes Money Sense, Really

Improved light, ventilation and heat control can boost workers’ productivity by thousands of dollars a

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11 May 2017

Singapore Island’s Smallness Drives The Bigness Of Its Ambitions

Jurong Island, a man-made smear of sand, lies just off the southern coast of Singapore.

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04 May 2017

The Flowering Of Macau City

An hour West of Hong Kong across the Zhu jang (Pearl River) Estuary lies a

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13 Apr 2017

Amsterdam’s Game Of Thrones Is A Masterpiece

Historical videos inspired by “Game of Thrones,” photos of long-lost neighborhoods, and maps of the

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28 Mar 2017

The 10 Maps Of Exquisite Beauty And Elegance

During much of history, maps were designed as much for beauty and display as for

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06 Mar 2017

Why Culture Should Drive City Planning

In my view, while infrastructure and services are necessary for environmental health, it is culture

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02 Mar 2017

From Architect Of The Built Environment To Architect Of Nature

Why are some architects scared to use vegetation at the heart of their façade design?

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10 Jan 2017

Even The Ancients Cared About Heritage Buildings Before Reinventing Them

In any debate on new construction in our urban centres you are likely to hear

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04 Jan 2017

We Are Missing Some Crucial City Quality Metrics

Cultural amenities like parks and museums attract young talent to big cities. But how do

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16 Dec 2016

Skyview: Above Hong Kong’s Urban Beehive Jungle

Hong Kong based photographer, Andy Yeung, shows us how densely populated his city is by

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14 Dec 2016

How Cities Can Evolve Through Architecture

“What we’ve learned about modern cities in China was always from the West. But after

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13 Dec 2016

Why Dark Glass Giants Rule Our Cities

Slick, glassy skyscrapers cast their shadows over the streets and spaces of cities all over

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21 Oct 2016

Shelters That Saved Londoners In War, Still Serves Peacetime

When the Second World broke out in Europe, and London became the prime bombing target,

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17 Oct 2016

The New Temple Of Art That You Maybe Stepping Underneath

“There were very few people outside the water system who knew this massive space was

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26 Sep 2016

The Smartest Schools In The World Are Also Beautifully Smart

Design — it is probably the last thing on parents’ list of considerations when choosing

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13 Sep 2016

High Tech Forest? In A Hotel? Only In Dubai.

Dubai is to embark on another ambitious project — this time building a 7,000 square

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01 Sep 2016

How Modern Luxury Meets Traditional Sensibilities

Looking at the image above, one would think it came off of a sci-fi movie

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04 Aug 2016

Experiencing Biblical Noah’s Ark, Brought To Kentucky

A creationist group called “Answers in Genesis” who describe themselves as “a fundamentalist Christian apologetics

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14 Jul 2016

Our Modern Grid Design For Cities, Not So Modern After All

The ruins of Timgad lies on the slopes of the Aures Massif, about 35 km

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14 Jul 2016

Edmonton : When Your City Being Destroyed Becomes A Privilege

Forget New York, let alone Tokyo: as reader Greg Whistance-Smith points out, the wildly popular

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08 Jul 2016

Utopia’s British Brutalist Architecture, In [Re]view

A new project by photographer Rory Gardiner and studio esinam highlights the subtle beauties hidden

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06 Jul 2016

Before We Destroyed Cities, We Destroyed Its Soul First

What caused the war in Syria? Oppression, drought and religious differences all played key roles,

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16 Jun 2016

The World’s Largest Adobe City In Chan Chan

Located near the Pacific coast in the Peruvian region of La Libertad, 5 km west

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08 Jun 2016

A Most Stark & Beautiful Take On A Brutalist World

Peter Chadwick’s new book collates some striking examples of this enduringly popular architectural genre –

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31 May 2016

Discover A Tale Of Cities, We Missed & Unheard

To complement our 50-part series on the history of urbanisation, our readers shared fascinating stories

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30 May 2016

Sci-Fi Cities & Mega Cities Of The Future, As Imagined Or Not?

Will we live in buildings made out of waste, heavily surveilled smart cities, or maybe

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24 May 2016

Top 10 Urban Projects Made For People, By Its People

Take a close look at 10 of the Best Urban Projects in the World. I’ve always

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23 May 2016

A 1987 Dream In Barcelona Reclaiming Its City For Its People

The Catalan capital’s radical new strategy will restrict traffic to a number of big roads,

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18 May 2016

Why Life Imitating Art & Vis-A-Vis, Now Extends To Gaming

Do computer games influence landscape architecture; the art of arrangement of elements in a given

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13 May 2016

Amazing Discovery Of A Well-Preserved 2,000-Year-Old Wooden Road

Long ago, a large part of north-western Europe, particularly Ireland and Great Britain, were covered

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11 May 2016

Portugal’s Bordalo II Keeps Proving Trash Can Be Beautiful

Portuguese street artist Artur Bordalo, known in the art world as Bordalo II, uses trash

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