You Think You Have The Worst Job? Think again.

Did you ever heard the world’s worst job?

Maybe sound hyperbolic but this man from Bangladesh has this so-called “worst job in the world.”

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The Bangladesh national man is a sewer cleaner that has to dive everyday into liquid filth to claw out blockages.

The poor cleaner requires to dive down into a hole of sludge through out the country’s capital with his bare hands.

Cleaning sewers has been described as the world’s worst job. Photograph: KM Asad/Zuma Wire/Rex/Shutterstock

Considering him as entitled to have world’s least desirable jobs.

The man, who is an employee of the Dhaka City Corporation, has to unblock the city’s sewer lines without any proper safety equipment.

According to local news report, he often has to go dig around underground with only a long stick to help him and with no mask to protect him from the poisonous fumes the sewage emits.

The unnamed “hardy worker” to scoop out liquid filth with the use of his hands, to provide better drainage system in Bangladeshi capital.

Dhaka city has a population in excess of 14 million and has recently been hit by major floods caused by heavy rains and an insufficient storm drainage system.

Despite the alarming rise in the number of deaths of manhole workers, cleaners are still not supplied with sufficient equipment and regularly have to enter the dirty sludge topless.

A sewer cleaner in Dhaka. Photo Credit: Bancroft Images

The sewer cleaner in the country faces risk and danger, they are often surrounded by cockroaches, and have no masks to protect him from the poisonous fumes.

Adding to the risk is the fact that the worker goes deep into the hole knowing he could drown if caught in a sudden rush of sewage.

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This feature appeared in Newsgru.



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