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Do you live to work or work to live? Either (or maybe both) can be fine if you really love your job. But do you also sometimes get that feeling that your job is all-consuming?

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There are various signs that your job may be playing too much of a role in your life. The main one is that you’re unable to leave your work at the office. If you’re thinking about your work during your leisure hours, but not in a joyful way, or if you’re losing sleep worrying over a work-related matter, then maybe it’s time to get some perspective. Similarly, if your feeling of self-worth hinges solely on how you’re perceived at work, this is a danger signal.

So what do you do to gain some proper perspective? Well, time off or time away helps. It’s said that time heals all wounds, so an extended break on vacation or a leave of absence can be really beneficial.

But if that isn’t an option, then talking to an unrelated non-judgmental third party can help. A unique way of getting perspective on life is through clairvoyant readings. This may seem a little too off-beat for some people, but the act of speaking to someone who has a deeper insight into you can be a beneficial and relaxing experience regardless of your beliefs as to the clairvoyant’s powers beyond a deep perception. Remember that when you undergo such an experience you’re gaining wise counsel from someone who spends his or her life providing wisdom and guidance.

Similarly, speaking regularly to someone who is well-versed in teasing out your real underlying fears beyond the superficial concerns that might seem to be associated only with your work can be a great help. This can be a trained counsellor, or a psychotherapist, or maybe someone who knows and understands you deeply through friendship. Overall, you’re looking to be able to speak with absolute candor in a “four walls” policy to someone who can help you find your own way through the work-related maelstrom. It’s maybe a little ironic that this process will actually help you become a better worker.

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It’s also worth stating that you should take physical steps to make sure you don’t bring your work home with you. In today’s 24/7 social media-driven world where everything exists online, “here and now” in cyberspace, it’s tough not to go at least a little crazy. The benefits of going unplugged are much-heralded, particularly for your psychological well-being; but how many of us really do this and are strict with ourselves about it? If you find you’re glancing at work-related emails, or work-related social media (even if it’s just the personal lives of co-workers), then maybe it’s time to stop the madness for a few hours each evening. Be disciplined with the times that you decide to be unplugged and stick to the limits you set.

At the same time as being unplugged, then relaxation techniques, yoga, meditation or exercise can all help double-down on the benefits – and help you gain a better perspective on life outside work.

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