How The UK Proposes To Solve White Van Man Traffic In Cities

London is ranked as the seventh worst city for traffic in the world. The need to improve congestion is dire as motorists are expected to spend a staggering 73 hours a year just in traffic, which could cost the economy up to £31 billion per year. One of the main contributors to traffic is white van services. In India, the proposed rapid transport pods will make a difference to the vast amount of traffic on the roads and could even be considered to solve delivery issues in future too. Discover other ways cities can improve their white van dilemma.

Small, Fast, And Nippy With Lower Emissions

Apart from the obvious addition to congestion, white vans also do their bit to add pressure on emissions targets for any city. The UK government is proposing to replace these vans with electric bikes and micro vehicles. This is the most reasonable option for drivers, as these types of vehicles still require a driver to control the car. It’s imperative for white van owners to start integrating the other vehicles into their fleet that meet the targets set by government in order to still have a large chunk of the delivery pie.

Autonomous Options To Roll Out Soon

With the UK always at the forefront of road innovations thanks to its very restrictive access, taking full advantage of autonomous vehicles falls right into city planners’ laps. While companies such as Google and Uber have already put a few testers on the road, it’s the next seventeen years that will set the tone for autonomous driving in the UK. This industry is said to be worth around £28 billion over this period, which is why the UK wants a slice of the pie. Apart from reducing traffic congestions, lower insurance costs and reduced risk to delivery van owners  – or now autonomous vans – are also part of the package.

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It May Have To Rely On Policy Makers

One of the best ways London has managed to reduce congestion was with the implementation of congestion charging. While this places a greater strain on motorists and business owners financially in one sense, it frees up the road a little more in order to ensure that traffic can flow a little smoother. This has a positive effect on businesses again, as customers, tourists, and white vans are able to reach their destinations a little faster. Until city centers like London can solve their traffic issues, congestion charging might be an effective interim solution.

Traffic is a great deterrent for motorists to frequent a city and those who can solve the traffic dilemma will reap the rewards in terms of consumer spend, retaining top businesses, and ensuring high real estate value.

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