Mobile Casino Applications Comparing – Android vs iOS

Main differences between mobile casino application for iOS and Android are described here. You can find here benefits of both platforms, new casino attachments trends and a small future prediction.

iPhone Casino Apps vs Android Ones

With modern software, you don’t have to leave your house or even your couch to have the real gambling experience. The first programs were invented in 1994, and look where we are now! Our favorite games turned into mobile apps, attracting over 50% of gamblers.

This field is constantly evolving, giving way to new features and opportunities. While choosing a gambling application, check iPhone casinos posts by 1StHighRollerCasino experts to find the latest offers. We’re going to review mobile gambling trends which have left their trace in 2018 and will probably build the year of 2019.

Benefits of Mobile Casinos

We can hardly find a player who doesn’t have a mobile device, as no other tool gives such a fast access to games. Here are some of the other benefits gambling on the go can provide:

  • Keeping bets in order at any time, anywhere. As desktop devices won’t fit your pocket, mobile tools have a higher convenience level in all respects.
  • Variety of choices. Mobile is stepping on the desktop’s toes and offers slots, cards, tables, and many other games. Also, wireless technologies allow implementing live activities.
  • Social integrity. Nowadays, social networks are connected to anything, including wagering activities. Communication is a key to millennials who are the driving force of mobile entertainment.
  • Much higher revenues for casino owners. Users with smartphones are more likely to pay for their gaming experience. It takes 30 days in average for a mobile gamer to turn into the paying client, while it’s around 50 days for desktop users.

It’s only logical that mobile gambling is constantly developing and expanding. In the course of time, it will move further by implementing new technologies and reaching new levels of convenience.

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iOS vs. Android: 5 New Trends in Casino Apps

The gambling world allows us to escape reality and rely solely on luck and smart calculations. During many years, people have been looking for this experience in casinos appearing all over the world. Las Vegas has built its economy on the gambling business, but how do mobile platforms change the game?

Live Casinos

Imagine you’re coming to a casino, approaching one of the tables, and making your first bet… You can easily do all that with a mobile phone. Live tables appeared 5 years ago but now they are way more accessible.

It’s not an advantage of desktop users anymore – most of the popular operators provide players with high-definition broadcasting available via phones and tablets as well. Reliable Internet connection along with improved smartphone technologies make it all possible.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) are gradually taking their place in numerous software solutions. Technology can actually replace the reality we see around us. The gaming industry uses every piece of this innovation.

This is not a common experience for mobile gamblers, but the trend opens promising perspectives. VR systems created by Google or Samsung are gradually falling in price, and it gives more power and freedom for gambling companies and software developers to provide VR solutions for casino products.

High-Level Gamification

It doesn’t seem overwhelming now – gamification is grasping the users’ minds. Let’s say you not only have a slot game to play but also a storyline behind it. Or it may be a poker game with the content to unlock by specific actions. The user is not only playing one type of a game all the time but also follows the narration created by authors.

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The global idea behind it is to form a goal for gamers they would like to achieve. In 2019, more ideas will appear to build separate worlds behind each gambling project.

Changes in Apple and Android Stores

Gambling, in general, is a highly profitable business which requires a number of regulations. For example, Google Play allowed for gambling apps only in 2017. Of course, Android apps existed before, but business owners had to address their own or third-party channels which created more advantages for iOS applications.

On the other hand, Apple is tightening requirements for gambling providers. In August this year, the company provided new rules for individual developers and banned their products. Apple wants to be careful with possible fraudulent activities, so it encourages developers to cooperate and work in groups.

Cryptocurrency Boom

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies create a huge fuss among sales experts, business owners, and mobile games creators. Lots of gamblers prefer crypto because of its transparency and no state regulations.

Online casinos are keeping up with the trends, and more of them are accepting several cryptocurrencies at once. Bitcoin is not the only option – you can also choose Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, etc.

What Does the Future Hold for Mobile Casinos?

Mobile technologies never stop growing as new tendencies appear on the market. Mobile casinos give gamers both unexpected and vitally important features. New gamification experiences can become a strong competitive advantage, while cryptocurrency acceptance is already a necessity for a big gambling business.

Will mobile casinos replace desktop ones in the near future? It’s unlikely to happen as now we still use laptops on the day-to-day basis. But we’re sure mobile apps are already a unique experience with broad perspectives for both gamblers and casino owners.

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