10 Tips For A Perfectly Designed Website

A good website should be designed in the most effective way to offer the users an experience that is fast, convenient and reliable. When you have a website that is responsible and has faster loading times, it means that you will experience a lower bounce rate. This means people will stay longer on your site and they may actually respond to your CTA. There are many opinions as to what a good web design really is. The design is rather subjective and sometimes what one person likes could be different from the next person.

Valuable tips

The following tips should give you a general idea of what a perfectly designed website/casino website should be like. More of web design trends of 2020 can be found in this article.

01. Speed

Website speed should be taken seriously and treated as a priority. Speed is important and it influences bounce rate, user satisfaction conversions, and ultimately the revenue. If you design a slow website, no one will really stick around. The search engines also consider how fast the site loads.

02. Leveraging the fold

This is a highly debated tip with some claiming it does not matter anymore. However, there are many people who spend a lot of time above the field. Most time is committed to the first screens. It is, therefore, sensible to take full advantage and leverage the fold. Ensure the headline is descriptive and clear and include a call to action.

03. Hicks law

The law states that when presented with many choices, individuals take longer to make decisions. By limiting the choices, you could guide the users to make a decision faster.

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04. Simplicity

The design should be kept as simple as possible. Most people do not appreciate a complex visual. When its complex, most visitors do not find it beautiful. Standard layouts could work better. Get a great experience of a perfectly designed website at Gclub-casino.

05. Avoid sliders carousels, accordions, and tabs

You could get a click on the first few, but have the rest ignored.

06. Make scrolling a priority over clicking

You should try putting things on the same page. This has been studied and it works well.

07. Use visual cues to direct attention

The main function of web design is to give users guidance. Give weight to elements as this will direct the users focus. Direct visual cues can help you achieve this better.

08. Make use of people pictures

Humans like humans and they connect biter when it feels real. This can increase the conversion rates.

09. List order

Using lists makes it easier to access information. Get familiar with the serial position effect. Users are likely to remember things at the end and at the beginning, so make sure you use the right order.

10. Social proof

Conformity bias is a thing and people tend to do as others do. By giving social proof, others may follow suit.



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