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The mission should always be to find a job and company to love and have a productive partnership with. And yet, job hunting continues to be a guessing game for most. We rely too much on name recognition.

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It’s easy enough to find information about companies online. A quick search should net you reviews, salary information and company locations. That’s still too vague for most job hunters, though, so people are relying more on the services of specialized job/recruiting sites.

Glassdoor, an eminent recruiting site, just announced its entry into more markets, namely Singapore, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Despite the presence of strong competition in those regions, the company still sees growth potential by offering not just job openings but also comprehensive info on salaries, employee reviews and communication profiles. Glassdoor has become more influential than most of its competition because it gives both parties access to more information, resulting in better matches and higher retention.



Is it enough, though, when all recruiting sites are focused on delivering the same quality of service? Using different sites side by side shows us specific weaknesses that are quite telling, specially when correlated to the perceived popularity of these services: how frequently employers respond to applications and inquiries, and if job seekers can gleam relevant employer data after browsing through their posts/profiles. Site clutter can also ruin an otherwise productive experience.

We want to know what it’s like to work for a company we admire. Companies looking for partners, not just workers, will be best served by giving us a hint.

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