Amazing Technological Inventions By College Students

At all times students differed by their unconventional way of thinking. What innovations have they offered to the world recently?

Astonishing Technical Ideas of Contemporary Students

Sometimes students create unique projects that can surprise the most experienced professionals. Probably, it is because the mindsets of young people are not yet blinkered by rules and standards that every expert knows by heart. Even the future can become closer without using ingenious devices, provided that between you and what is around there are no “barriers” of prohibitions and experience. Do you know that those who first invented a calculator, snowmobile, and water-skis were teenagers? Most probably, cheap custom essay writing services were also invented by college students. Let’s look at some projects of contemporary college students that deserve respect from venerable professionals.

1. Space Coffee Maker

We know that astronauts in orbit mainly eat canned food. Alas, zero gravity doesn’t allow them to enjoy freshly ground coffee. Meanwhile, two students from Costa Rica, José Solano and Daniel Rosen, invented a coffee maker suitable for space conditions.

These students were inspired by an American astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz, who was born in Costa Rica. He used to be in outer space several times and always suffered from the lack of good coffee. Now, this device is held in secret. It is only known that it is made of stainless steel and aluminum and consists of three chambers with a piston.

2. Self-Charging Car

Students from Eindhoven, Netherlands, have come up with a self-charging family car that runs entirely on energy from solar cells. Their power is enough for the car to drive even in a not sunny climate. The full energy of the car is enough for 1,000 km at a speed of up to 130 km per hour. Moreover, even an electricity surplus is formed, which is supposed to be deposited into the electric network of the house. Now students have registered a start-up. They are preparing technical documentation for mass production of such cars and looking for investors.

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3. Fast-Charging Battery for Cell Phones

An American student, Eesha Khare, made a technological breakthrough by inventing a nanobattery which is a super condenser at the same time. This device can be recharged as quickly as in 20 seconds. As a young scientist, the girl was awarded a prize at the contest organized by the Intel Company. She told a story about her mobile phone, the battery of which used to become discharged at the worst possible time, and that inspired her for the invention. The girl, who was interested in nanochemistry, began to seek a solution to this problem, and she’s finally found it.

4. Laser Backpack for 3D Models

Students from the University of Berkeley have created a system that allows generating 3D maps of a specific area in real time. The device helps to fix all the obstacles and objects encountered in the way of the system carrier. All images of the surrounding area and the geometrical dimensions of the objects are fixed. Using unique fusion algorithms, this laser backpack combines information from cameras, laser range finders, and other measuring devices to create a three-dimensional model of the environment. It is said that this backpack is the first of a series of such devices designed for the US Army.

5. Cell-Sized Robots

Students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have managed to surprise the public and presented completely autonomous robotic mechanisms having the size of a human cell. Such tiny robots can be used not only to examine the human body and identify pathologies but also diagnose various problems in communication networks. These devices do not need to be charged since they use photodiode semiconductors. Their charge is enough for the work of their electronic circuits, moving, and storing information.

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6. Women’s Electric Jacket

Four students from Mexico have developed a jacket for women that can protect its wearer from attacks. The sleeve of the jacket can emit an electric current, and the one who grabs it will get electrocuted.

The students took a cotton sports jacket and placed a high-voltage battery, a transformer, and a cable under its lining. Also, the jacket is equipped with a button that turns the current on and off and a LED lamp. The button activates the system, and the LED lamp indicates that it is ready. After that, anyone who touches the electrodes on the sleeve of the jacket will be stopped. The electric shock is insignificant and poses no threat to life. Therefore, this invention can’t be classified as a weapon.

7. Gadgets to Sharpen Human Senses

Students of the London College of Art have developed two devices that sharpen human perception of the surrounding world, a project called Eidos. One gadget is put on the ears and in the mouth, delivering sound information straight to the head bypassing the ears. The second device is attached to the eyes, allowing a person to see, for example, in the dark. Using these glasses, a person notices any movement around him. The effect is similar to a long exposure shot. The developers believe that these devices can be used in sports to analyze the athlete movements and in medical therapy to restore sensory perception.

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