Cities & Towns Behind Avengers: Endgame

Needless to say, Avengers: Endgame has conquered the box office. Now that you’re done (or will be soon be done) with this journey, where are you supposed to go now, Marvel fan?

The plot sure is interesting, but so are the cities and towns which served as filming locations for Endgame. Let’s explore them and don’t worry, there are no spoilers ahead!


Atlanta in Georgia is home to various attractions including Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola. Of course, situated near the city is Pinewood Atlanta Studios, where most of the filming of Endgame was done. Avengers Infinity War was also filmed in Pinewood Atlanta.


Dutchess in New York is one of the places the Hudson River passes through in the state. This is also one of the filming locations for the Avengers Infinity War. During their shoot, the film was codenamed “Mary Lou” and details were kept tight under the wraps. Things you could do in Dutchess include looking at the exhibitions in Barrett Art Center and jumping until you sweat in Bounce! Trampoline Sports.


Durham Cathedral in Durham, England will also feature in the movie although some changes were made in order to adapt to the story. When you’re done sightseeing in the film location, you might also want to try Beamish, the world-famous air museum. Other places to go to in Durham include the Raby Castle if you are a medieval enthusiast and Peterlee Parachute Center if you want some thrill.    

St. Abbs, Scotland

This small fishing village of St. Abbs in Scotland will play a big role in Avengers Endgame. As to what this role may be, we’ll leave you to find out. While in this village, you might want to check out the Berwickshire Coastal Path along the way. St. Abbs Head National Nature Reserve is also a sight you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Perhaps these cities are where you’re supposed to go next. It is about time to start your own adventure, Marvel fan.


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