There’s More To Las Vegas Than Gambling

Las Vegas is an incredibly unique city. Whoever would have thought a casino paradise could form in the middle of a desert?

What’s even more incredible is how Sin City has grown over the years to provide so much more than gambling. There are shows, concerts, attractions, weddings and lots of outdoor activities. You don’t have to head to Vegas to simply lose all your money on the first blackjack table you come across.

If you’re not big into gambling, one of the other hot activities is heading out for a night on the town. Las Vegas has no shortage of great clubs and resorts and many often boast a well-known DJ or musical artist who will come play for a weekend or few weeks. The only downside to the clubs is the potential long lines or waits to get in. Make sure you look to see if you can make any reservations ahead of time.

Another great side of Las Vegas is their plan to move many of their attractions to renewable energy. What kind of renewable energy? It doesn’t take a genius to correctly guess solar.

Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas does not run 100% on renewable energy but the city’s mayor is planning on implementing plans to do so. They have plans to install solar panels on top of various resorts and casinos. These will also be used with the large solar panel field that sits outside the city.

In addition, all public buildings and municipalities will be switching to renewable energy. That means all public lighting, fire stations, police stations and so on will be using solar energy. It’s a big step for one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.

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Soon, we’ll be able to look down the strip and know that all those fluorescent lights and attractions are powered by clean energy.

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