Easy Tricks To Transfer WhatsApp Messages

Nowadays, the use of WhatsApp is increasing for personal and professional purposes. To entertain users, WhatsApp offers several features, such as attachment sharing, group chatting, voice calling, and location tagging. Users use internet connection to send audio, video, images, and messages.

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If you have a good conversation history, such as pictures, voice messages, videos, texts, images, you want to share this history with a new phone. With the third party or built-in apps, you can transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to android and iOS to iOS. See some reliable options for data transfer:

iSkysoft Toolbox

iSkysoft is a reliable tool to move WhatsApp smoothly without losing your data. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. You can transfer, backup and restore between Android and iPhone or iPhone to iPhone. With this software, it is easy to transfer messages, documents, videos, photos, etc. You are allowed to restore the desired messages to a new smartphone.

The iSkysoft Toolbox is available with time-saving and user-friendly operation process. Compatible with current iOS and Android versions. You can immediately transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone after downloading this software. After installing iSkysoft Toolbox, you will get prompts to smoothly move your WhatsApp.

Use iCloud to Transfer Data

For iPhone, you can use iCloud of Apple to transfer WhatsApp history to a new device. However, you can’t make a direct transfer to your new phone. It is essential to back up your WhatsApp history to iCloud. With a backup, you can quickly restore data to a new device. See these options:

Open “Settings” on old iPhone, tap on Apple ID and find iCloud. Slide down to search iCloud Drive, turn this option on and turn on WhatsApp option as well.

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Launch WhatsApp, hit “Settings”, find Chats – Chat Backup, and finally click on “Back up Now”. It will start an automatic back up for every week, month, etc.

Log in your WhatsApp account on a new iPhone after verifying your phone number. You will be able to restore chat history by tapping on this option. It is an easy way to back up your chat history to a new iPhone.      

Transfer Directly from iPhone to iPhone

Transferring chat history of WhatsApp with iCloud may be difficult. It requires time to re-install WhatsApp on a new iPhone. Fortunately, you can directly transfer WhatsApp messages between two iPhones with iSkysoft Toolbox. You can download its Mac or Window version. Install the up-to-date version of this software on your PC, launch it and choose “Transfer” mode on the homepage. You can connect your old and new iPhone to this software.

Ensure secure connections between PC and iPhones. Ensure the right positions of mobiles and start data transfer from source iPhone to the target device. With iSkysoft direct transfer tool, the data transfer will be fast and easy. iSkysoft allows you to evaluate data before transferring it. In this way, you can transfer selective files instead of transferring everything.

Transfer Data with Local Backup

A local backup can help you to restore your chat history. Back up the chat history of WhatsApp on your device. You may find this folder in the external SD card or internal memory of your device. With local backup, you can transfer messages between Android phones.

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If your WhatsApp data is saved on an external SD card, just take out this card from an old phone and put it in the new device. To transfer data from internal memory, you have to connect phone and PC for a transfer. The backup files will be available with a date. They may look like .db.crypt. Scroll down to copy files with the current creation date on your PC.

Install WhatsApp, but don’t launch this app. Connect your new phone to the PC through a USB cable. Your WhatsApp must have the databases to restore. If not, feel free to create a folder for the database in WhatsApp manually. Copy the database folder to your new mobile and hit on “Restore”. You are done with the WhatsApp transfer.

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