11 Creative Ecommerce Email Marketing Hacks

Email remains one of the most effective methods of marketing. Across every industry around the world, the average open rate is over 18 percent.

Of course, some ecommerce email marketing campaigns outperform others. If you want to be better than average, give one of these 11 creative hacks a whirl.

1. Personalize Ecommerce Email Marketing

Any list of ecommerce tips worth its salt is going to mention segmentation and personalization. If your emails aren’t getting the click-through rate you want, they may not entice your customers.

Generic “batch and blast” emails don’t speak to your customers’ needs, so they may not click. Instead, use data to divide up your list.

The more personal you can make the email, the stronger your ecommerce marketing game will be.

2. Reward Loyalty

Many brands focus on getting new customers. Instead, use email marketing for ecommerce to thank those customers who have stuck by you.

Email a unique discount code or promotion and watch your open rate (and your sales) soar.

3. Notify Customers about Wishlist Items

If your ecommerce site lets customers mark “wishlist” items they want, use that to your advantage. Notify them when the item goes on sale.

If something’s been out of stock, a quick email saying its back on the virtual shelf can help boost sales.

4. Offer Incentive for Reviews and Referrals

Once a customer’s completed a purchase at your store, follow-up and ask them to review the item. You can even incentivize this by offering a discount or free gift on their next purchase.

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Don’t forget to ask them to tell their friends either. Referrals are an effective way to market your business.

5. Cross-sell and Upsell

Take a page out of Amazon’s book and use your ecommerce email marketing as a chance to cross-sell and upsell. If someone recently bought something, you can show them complimentary items to go with it.

6. Roll out the Welcome Wagon

When someone signs up for your email list, give them a warm welcome with a series of emails. You can include the history of your brand or tell them about the company. Then tell them about the deals you have in store for them.

7. Remind Customers about Their Carts

Customers put things in their shopping cart, then never finish the transaction. It’s one of the serious conundrums of ecommerce.

An abandoned cart email series can help you push back against abandonment rates. Entice them back with free shipping or another offer.

8. Put the News in Newsletters

Many brands use their ecommerce newsletters as a selling space. That isn’t what your email subscribers are looking for. Instead, give them actual updates on what the company is doing.

9. Curate Your Mailing List

You can write the best ecommerce emails, but it won’t matter if no one looks at them.

Change that by thinking about curating your subscriber list. If you force every customer to sign up, you’ll have a big list of not very interested customers.

10. Enter the Age of Automation

Does sending out notifications about wishlist sales sound like a chore? It can be much easier if you have the right tools. Email automation makes it simple to stay in touch with your customers.

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11. Be Unique

Perhaps most important of all, be unique with your ecommerce email marketing. Make your customers excited to see your message in their inboxes.

To achieve this, think about why your customers shop with you. By incorporating your brand identity into your campaigns, you’ll stand out in a sea of marketing emails.

Find Email Marketing Success

These 11 tips can improve your ecommerce email marketing and turbo-charge your sales. Ecommerce is easier when you have informative articles at your fingertips.

Keep reading our blog for more helpful tips.

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