7 Things To Look Out For In Future Smart Cities

Smart cities are continually taking shape. With all these developments happening, what should we be excited about? Here are our top picks.

1. Everything will be mobile

We now see city governments launching apps for particular departments. Soon, these applications will converge into a centralized app where you can access the information and services you need in real-time.

With these kinds of city mobile applications, leaders can easily seek for the voices of the citizens when it comes to decision-making and policies. Transparency will also improve.

2.  Connected everywhere

Smart cities are powered by data, typically collected and stored in the internet. The idea of Wi-Fi installed in trees and bus stops is rising. This will let you stay connected pretty much whenever and wherever.

Charging stations scattered all over the city will also make sure that you can always power through the day with your electronics.

3. Personalized services

We now experience it with our engagement with online content and smart home devices. In the future, we will experience more of this on a whole new level.

As more technologies develop, the way we experience our homes, offices, and even government services will also be designed specifically for our unique needs as individuals.

4. Better Safety and Security

As IoT becomes more prevalent, the cost of sensors will go down. Paired with a citywide Wi-FI connection, the city is better protected with cameras and sensors monitoring places considered to be crime hot spots.

With the ubiquity of sensors, response time in times of crisis will also speed up.

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5. Improved Transportation

Mobility cannot lag behind the rapid development of smart cities. Our high-speed trains will attain speeds faster than ever before. Conductor-free buses and autonomous vehicles will also improve the experience we have on the road.

6. Sustainable Energy

Renewable energy is another trend that is expected to grow alongside smart cities. Along with IoT capabilities, cities will attain more sustainable and efficient means to acquire energy.

At the same time, consumers will be equipped with capabilities to monitor their own energy consumption and regulate it accordingly.

7. Environment-friendly Lifestyles

Factors which affect the state of our environment can be better managed with smart cities. Mechanisms such as Pay As You Throw (PAYT) garbage disposal will encourage people to be mindful of the waste they contribute in the environment. This will also develop the habit of recycling.

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