Urban Gears: A Review Of Best Wireless Keyboards

While tablets and iPads are easy to bring, typing with them can feel unsatisfactory for some. The experience of using a physical keyboard brings a unique experience that some would prefer over convenience. Besides, typing with physical keyboards can be faster than using your device’s touch display.

For those who love pressing keyboard keys or those who want an add-on to their computers, here’s the list for you.

Razer Turret

Image result for razer turretThis premium keyboard will give the ultimate experience for the passionate writer or serious gamer. The full-chroma lighting is nice to look at. But, the mouth-opening build and design is not for show. This beast will last you up to 40 hours.

You game experience will be in a whole other level because of its responsiveness. The key switches are insane responsive, too. There is even an integrated magnetic mouse mat to make sure that your mouse is not slipping off. It is compatible with your PC and Xbox One.

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Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

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Yet another beast in this list, this premium gaming keyboard sports a colorful and bright Aimo lighting engine. The anodized aluminium plate all over the keyboard is sturdy and styling. There is no question when it comes to this device’s performance.  Tactile feedback is excellent. There are also dedicated media keys which might come in handy.

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Microsoft EKZ-00001 Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

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This sleek keyboard isn’t as flashy as our first entries. However, this might be the style you are looking for. The typing experience with this keyboard is remarkable. There are convenient features packed in this device. There’s a built-in fingerprint reader as well as some dedicated Windows keys.

This keyboard has both wired and wireless capability providing you with flexibility when connecting with your device. It is rechargeable and can last up to four months of battery life per charge.

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Apple Magic Keyboard

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This one is for those who like the physical aspect of keyboards but prefer a slimmer form factor and a quieter typing experience. This keyboard is pleasant to use. The keys are lightning fast in response.

It has a rechargeable battery. It can be paired with your Mac via Bluetooth or using the included lightning cable.

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Logitech K780

Image result for Logitech K780

This device sports circular keys, giving off that old-fashioned vibe. It comes with a USB dongle in case you don’t want to use Bluetooth to save battery. This keyboard has a long battery life and gives a quiet typing experience.

You can also connect it up to three devices and provides easy switching whether on computer, tablet or smartphone.

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AmazonBasics Wireless Keyboard

Image result for AmazonBasics Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

This keyboard comes with an appealing price. The plastic material used for this device makes it lightweight.  It isn’t too big but Amazon managed to include alphanumeric keys and a number pad.

The function keys double as media keys, something which you might be used to with most laptops today. Keys are quiet yet responsive.

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Logitech K400

Image result for Logitech K400

Another great product from Logitech, this compact and lightweight keyboard is for those who want a reliable keyboard experience and an attractive keyboard but want to keep the costs down. Battery life is decent in this device. It even comes with a 3.5-inch multi-touch pad which isn’t something you always encounter with wireless keyboards.

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Arteck HB030B

This keyboard is the most affordable in this list yet it managed to pack in a backlight functionality. This device is compact, thin, and light. It will easily fit in your bag if you want to take it around with you. While it is affordable, it doesn’t feel cheap. The metal construction makes it look like you spend more bucks than you actually did.

This keyboard is suitable for iOS, macOS, Windows and Android Devices.

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