What Is A Dedicated Server And Why Do Businesses Need It?

Businesses, regardless of their size, have multiple options for hosting their website, mail server, or web app. Shared hosting is the most common and typically the most cost-effective option. Shared hosting is commonly described as renting an apartment. Within one server, multiple websites or apps are stored.

While this might be the ideal option for someone just starting out, when a company wants more control over their server, needs more power, or requires more resources, a shared option will not be good enough. With a dedicated server, a business has exclusive use of a server and all its resources. Dedicated servers also offer two types: managed vs. unmanaged. Liquid Web explains the difference between them is that managed servers require “engineers to monitor, configure, and handle the servers” while unmanaged requires a hard drive.

The provider gives them the ram, disk space, and CPU needed. The provider maintains the server. The business does not have the cost of purchasing their own server. Here are some other advantages of choosing dedicated hosting. You can also check out this resource for more info on web server host.

1. Resources on a Dedicated Server Are Not Shared

With dedicated hosting, you can use all the resources on a server. You don’t have to worry about the bad neighbor effect, which is where other websites are clogging up your server’s RAM or CPU. With dedicated hosting, bad scripts from another website or bandwidth spikes will have no effect on you.

2. A Dedicated Server Offers Enhanced Performance and Security

Dedicated hosting guarantees the best uptime for your website. This is especially the case if your website gets a lot of traffic. Dedicating hosting is more stable and reliable than shared hosting or VPS hosting. Dedicated hosting means increased security. This is especially true if you are handling sensitive transactions using FTP or SSL.

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3. Flexibility

With dedicated hosting, you can customize your server to meet your needs or the needs of your client. With shared hosting, you are limited to the applications, software, and operating system that has already been loaded on the server. You have the freedom to choose the platform and the software that best meets your needs. You have more control over how your server is configured.

Do I Need Dedicated Hosting?

For all of its benefits, dedicated hosting is one of the more expensive options. However, if you have a high-traffic website that requires higher resources, then a dedicated server will be right for you. If you have an extensive database and the amount of information stored is growing every day, then you will probably benefit from a dedicated hosting solution.

Dedicated hosting can future-proof your site, especially if your site is booming. If you shared hosting and then you get a traffic spike, your site’s performance could drop drastically. This could lead to higher bounce rates, which leads to lost revenue.

Now may be the right time to migrate to dedicated hosting if your page loading times are slower than optimal. With a shared server, you have no idea when the server’s resources are being used elsewhere. With dedicated hosting, you know that you will have the bandwidth you need to provide your website’s visitors the experience they deserve.

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