A Review Of Top Sturdy Backpacks For Travellers (Penny-Pincher Edition)

Planning to buy a new bag for a trip but your budget is a bit tight? Here are some of the sturdiest backpacks just for you.


JanSport Superbreak Backpack

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This simple and stylish bag goes for a minimal and classic approach in design. Made with durable and easy-to-wash materials, this bag is extremely comfortable to use and easy to carry around. It also comes in multiple designs — some in attractive colours and some boasting striking patterns.

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Cafele Laptop Backpack

This laptop backpack is another one for those who are immersed in the digital world. It has a laptop compartment that can fit laptops up to 17”. Aside from this, there are also multiple compartments to make sorting out your stuff an easy task.

True to its digital-centric style, it has a built-in USB charging port as well as a headset port for your convenience.

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Coleman C003 Soft Backpack

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This bag from Coleman sports a unique look. More than its looks, it was also made to deliver. The interior has a lot of storage compartments to keep bag clutter at bay. There is also a lot of padding all over it to maximize comfort.

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Image result for AMBOR Travel Laptop BackpackThis minimalistic laptop bag is for those who want subtle bag designs. Aside from the spacious interior, it also has built-in USB and headphone jack ports. The shoulder straps are padded to make wearing it a comfortable experience. The back design allows for airflow with soft and ventilated padding. It also has security features such as a fixed password lock, durable zippers and hidden pockets in the back.

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It comes in two colours — grey and black — both of which are attractive in whatever outfit you wear.

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Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Backpack

This sporty-looking bag is great for those who are into hiking and nature trips. The materials used for this were made to withstand rough handling. It also comes with waterproofing. When you’re done using it, you can easily fold and store it because it is compact.

Organization lovers will like this bag. It has a lot of pockets to house all sorts of accessories and equipment.

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XDesign Travel Laptop Backpack

This modern-looking bag is for the digital nomad. The futuristic vibe of this device perfectly suits the gadgets that you will put in it. It can carry laptops up to 16”. There’s no need to worry about your devices getting wrecked since it is made with durable materials. There is even an added front buckle for added security.

This bag was also designed with comfort in mind. It is made to be lightweight. The padded backside makes sure that carrying it around feels great all day.

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Boulder Pack Co. Lightweight Foldable Travel Backpack

Durable. Portable. Lightweight. This foldable travel bag is for all-around use. You can use it for camps, day tours, school, and other adventures. It has multiple compartments to make sure that it can hold whatever you need it to. This bag is for those who pack light, not for those who are planning long trips.

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OlarHike Lightweight Travel Backpack

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The design of this bag is simple yet striking. People will be looking at this bag as you move around with it. This bag isn’t just for show — there are plenty of compartments to up your organization game. The interior is roomy with up to 35L storage capacity so you can pack in a lot of stuff without it looking bulky.

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It is a great backpack to use for outdoor activities or hiking as the material is waterproof and tear-resistant. The backpack is also foldable so you can easily carry it around when travelling.

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Outlander Ultra Lightweight Travel Bag

This compact, foldable bag is for those who don’t like to carry around stuff too much during the day. It is also great for sleepovers and short trips. There is surprisingly a lot of pockets in this bag. You can easily place your toiletries, your pens, your headphones, and other accessories.

The material used is water and rip-resistant, durable yet lightweight. The zippers are also abrasion-resistant.

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VASCHY Classic Basic

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This backpack offers a classic, minimal design and a roomy interior that can hold all of your essentials and more. It is perfect for students who need to carry a lot of books and stuff and for everyday use. The backpack is durable yet lightweight. The material is water-resistant, the straps provide adequate support, and the back is padded for added comfort.

It has a main compartment for your big items, a front exterior pocket for items that you need to access easily and two side pockets for your water bottle or umbrella.

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