A Review Of Home Assistants: Which Is Best?

Which home assistant will best deliver that very much need automation in your home? Here are some of our best picks.

Sonos Beam

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Don’t let its compact form fool you, Sonos Beam is quite the beast. When it comes to audio, it delivers. The sound coming from this device can easily fill up an entire room. It is also easy to set-up — few clicks after getting this out of the box and you’re pretty much good to go.

Compatible Assistant/s: Amazon Alexa (built-in), Google Assistant

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Apple Homepod

Related imageHomepod is great for playing music in your home. The sound quality is superb with distinguishable bass. The voice accuracy when it comes to using Siri is also impressive, it can pick up your voice even when there is background noise. Not to mention, this device is also nice to look at. Compact and solid, it can easily blend in with the other stuff in your home.

Compatible Assistant/s: Siri

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Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen)

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Amazon’s Echo show comes with a bright and responsive touch interface. Apart from providing quality music, you can also use it to show recipes while cooking, to make calls, and stream videos. It will be a great companion for your home.

Compatible Assistant/s: Alexa

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Riva Concert

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This retro-styled device is made with a solid build and packed with water resistance. The sound produced by the device is rich and distortion-free. This device comes with a dedicated voice app which is highly intuitive and reliable. Riva Concert also has support for Airplay as well as Spotify Connect.

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Compatible Assistant/s: Alexa

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Sonos One

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This home assistant comes in a simple but great-looking design. It provides a reliable and rich sound quality. It is easy to set-up and has support for Apple Airplay 2 as well as Spotify Connect.

Compatible Assistant/s: Alexa, Google Assistant

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Amazon Echo (2nd Gen)

Image result for Amazon Echo (2nd Gen)This affordable and attractive device can produce good sound quality thanks to its Dolby processing. This is also comes in multiple finishes for the external material — charcoal fabric, oak finish, sandstone fabric, and walnut finish — so picking up the best one for your home will be an easy task.

Compatible Assistant/s: Alexa

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Amazon Echo Dot

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This highly portable home assistant is equipped with a fabric design. It is easy to set-up, you are pretty much ready to go straight from the box.  Apart from the loud audio and clear calls, it also comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack and Bluetooth support.

Compatible Assistant/s: Alexa

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Google Home Mini 

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Capping off this list is another home assistant from Google. The Google Home Mini inherits the attractive design of its siblings in a compact form. It comes with ChromeCast and Android TV integration. It provides good sound given its size and is also very responsive.

Compatible Assistant/s: Google Assistant

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