03 Aug 2020

Big Tech Antitrust Hearings, A NOT Wallstreet Or Mainstreet Viewpoint

On the 29th of July 2020, the CEOs of four of the biggest tech companies

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20 May 2020

How To Succeed With Amazon FBA

The Amazon marketplace has been evolving every year since its inception. What started as an

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06 Oct 2019

A Review Of Home Assistants: Which Is Best?

Which home assistant will best deliver that very much need automation in your home? Here

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22 Aug 2019

For An Indigenous Group, Protecting The Future Requires Rediscovering The Past

The Harakmbut people of the Peruvian Amazon have seen their fragile ecosystem destroyed, with mining

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21 Aug 2019

Amazon Rainforests That Were Once Fire-Proof Have Become Flammable

The Amazon rainforest is described as the planet’s lungs for good reason. So much carbon

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12 Aug 2019

How To Compete With Amazon As A New Ecommerce Business

Did you know that in 2018, a survey ranked Amazon as the number one internet retailer?

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09 Jul 2019

The Top 10 Brands Americans Claim They Can’t Live Without

There are brands that are really good that we almost always use them every day

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14 Nov 2018

Marketing With Amazon

Developing an Amazon marketing strategy is a great way to reach the right kind of

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11 May 2018

Big Tech Is An Extractive Industry, It Must Be Regulated As Such

The biggest scandal of the power of Big Tech is not privacy. There is a

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08 Dec 2017

Ambient AI Is About To Devour The Software Industry

Amazon has casually unveiled what could turn into a fundamentally different way to build software. At its AWS

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27 Nov 2017

It’s About To Get Way, Way Easier To Put AI Everywhere

Google has a vision for a world full of cheap and tiny smart devices—and it

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16 Nov 2017

Artificial Intelligence May Reflect The Unfair World We Live In

We’ve all heard Elon Musk speak with foreboding about the danger AI poses — something

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21 Jul 2017

Are Algorithms Ruining Our Lives?

Algorithms can dictate whether you get a mortgage or how much you pay for insurance.

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30 Nov 2016

Why Facebooks, Amazon, And Google Are Losing Digital Talent

IBM and Nike may be great places to work, but they’re fighting a bruising war

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27 Sep 2016

Amazon’s People Are In Danger, For Our Power Appetite

There are currently over 60 major hydroelectric dam projects in the Amazon. The third largest

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