Get A Grip On These Bike Trends For 2020

The year is almost over. Thinking about saving up and starting the next year with new gears? How about a new bike? Here are some of the bicycle trends you need to watch out for before you make a purchase.

What’s in

According to, 2020 will be the year for the following kinds of bikes:

01. Gravel bikes: These bikes are made to perform especially well on light terrain. It is the most lightweight variant of a road bike that you can get your hands on. You can use this off the road but it is also very capable for everyday use.

02 E-bikes: These bikes are powered by electric motors and typically have folding mechanisms, giving it a compact, portable appeal that other bikes do not have.

The electric motor also provides a level of power traditional mountain bikes cannot provide. With additional power, mountain biking becomes more accessible — even those in the older age or less fit groups can enjoy mountain biking as well as those who are especially trained for the sport.

03. Road bikes: Road bikes are made for professional racing. With this, it performs best on tarmac. Because it is optimized for speed, the geometry of a road bike less relaxed and the tires are thinner than that of a gravel bike. Pick this if you are serious in professional racing. If you want an all-around bike, a gravel bike would be better.

Models to vie for

Now that you have an idea on what kind of bike you will be picking, it’s time to choose a model. Here are our picks for the best 2020 models under each bicycle type.

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Gravel Bike: Cervelo Aspero

This bike is designed to brave even the most intense of the gravel races. Cervelo Aspero possesses clearance for both 44mm and 49mm. This allows the Aspero to accommodate a wide array of custom setups to suit your needs. This beast is the one that you need if you want to take your riding game to new heights.


E-bike: Focus JAM2 6.7

Equipped with a new dynamic Bosch Performance CX Drive, integrated removable 653 WH battery, and a lightweight build, this e-bike will flawlessly deliver. Focus ensures that you can climb any mountain you desire without a struggle using their  JAM2 models.


Road Bike: Cannondale SuperSix EVO

This road bike is the pinnacle of performance. Designed with the all-new truncated airfoil tubing, dropped seat stays and increased integration, SuperSix EVO is both lightweight and heavy duty. While designed to be a road bike, the huge 30 mm tire clearance makes it equally capable on a gravel field.

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