08 Jun 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic Fuels Bicycle Boom

The cycling market experiences a surge in demand in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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16 Oct 2019

Get A Grip On These Bike Trends For 2020

The year is almost over. Thinking about saving up and starting the next year with

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07 Aug 2019

Top 10 Life-Changing Benefits Of Regular Cycling

Cycling regularly can give you more than you think. There is more to cycling than

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16 Jul 2019

Here’s The Ultimate City Bike

With our cities becoming more congested, and climate change as a major global problem, more

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21 Jun 2019

Top 10 Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities In The World 2019

Sometimes, we need a step back to move forward. Climate change, pollution, and congestion in

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15 Feb 2019

Bike-Friendly Cities Should Be Designed For Everyone, Not Just For Wealthy White Cyclists

Designing for bikes has become a hallmark of forward-looking modern cities worldwide. Bike-friendly city ratings

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04 Dec 2018

How To Turn A Car Town Into A Cycling City

As the home of Royal Philips Electronics for more than 125 years, the southern Netherlands

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10 Mar 2016

Norway’s Billion-Dollar Bet On An Even Cleaner Transport Future

Norway has just announced a new tool in its fight against transit emissions: a new

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22 Jan 2016

A Tale Of Many Cities & The Impacts Of Bikesharing

Public bikesharing has emerged as one of the latest transportation innovations, transforming North American cities

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02 Nov 2015

How Have Our Travel Habits Changed Over The Past 50 Years

We tend to assume that travel today is fundamentally different from what it was half

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01 Sep 2015

How Christchurch Returned The City To Its Cycling Roots

After the 2011 disaster, residents were asked what they wanted from the city once known

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31 Aug 2015

Bike City Copenhagen : This Is The Ultimate Bicycle Friendly City

Welcome to Copenhagen, although if you’re a fan of two-wheeled transportation, you’ll probably come to

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31 Aug 2015

8 Surprising Discoveries In Amsterdam Cycling Culture

Amsterdam is a city where 48% of all trips made in the city centre are

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02 Jul 2015

What Cities Can Do to Increase the Use of Alternative Transport

A few weeks ago, we invited people to share their thoughts with us about what

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24 Apr 2015

Data And Stories Beneath Citi Bikes That Never Sleep

When Ben Wellington started teaching statistics to urban planners at Pratt Institute’s Graduate Center for

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16 Apr 2015

Woonerf : Shared Streets Are Living Streets

The woonerf, or “shared street,” has made its way into U.S. cities. If you aren’t

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25 Feb 2015

Copenhagen’s Cycling Innovation

From ‘green wave’ traffic lights and majestic harbour bike bridges to digital countdowns and foot

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29 Jan 2015

10 Techniques For Making Cities More Walkable

In Jeff Speck’s excellent new book, Walkable City, he suggests that there are ten keys

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