04 Apr 2017

The State Of Smart Cities, Today

The term “smart city” has been around for a few years now and is a

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27 Feb 2017

Urban Farming: Alleviating The World’s Food Dilemma One Community At A Time

There are 7 billion-odd people living in the world today, with an estimated rise to

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13 Feb 2017

Travel Destinations For 2017: Penny Pincher Edition

Another year, another opportunity to travel and see the world. Traveling can be a great

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02 Feb 2017

What Is E-Waste And Why It Matters

We live in the technological age governed by devices we have made for ourselves to

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01 Feb 2017

Playing The Odds: The Evolution Of The World’s Oldest Game

Gambling is as old as human history itself, embedded in societal culture and is responsible

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13 Jan 2017

The Science Of Change: Think Small And Work Your Way Up

Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017. Another year has come and gone. No matter how bad

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16 Dec 2016

Essential Gear For The Urban Dweller: The Gadgets

Last but certainly not least, we go to the finale of this series and what

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01 Dec 2016

Essential Gear For The Urban Dweller: The Accessories

We previously covered some good options for bags in the first part of this series,

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29 Nov 2016

Essential Gear For The Urban Dweller: The Bags

Living in the city can be a daunting endeavour where everything is so fast-paced, it

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15 Nov 2016

How To Become The Best Bar In The World

What is the formula for an award-winning bar? What does it take to be at

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07 Nov 2016

Fireworks In Space: Japan Developing Artificial Shooting Stars

Our skies are about to get more colorful in the future as Japanase start-up, ALE

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25 Oct 2016

Who Do We Have To Thank For Inventing The Internet?

The Internet — arguably one of the greatest breakthrough of the last century not just

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17 Oct 2016

The Robot Revolution Is Upon Us, Invading… Our Kitchen

Food — Everyone eats it and with a vast selection of different types of dishes

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13 Oct 2016

Space Trekking: What The Future Holds For Interplanetary Travel

Is interplanetary travel possible? — It has been talked about and dreamt of before by

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07 Oct 2016

Experience Over Matter: The Science Of Happiness

You just received a bonus and you want to reward yourself for all your hard

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01 Oct 2016

Go Out And See The World: It’s The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself

We have all heard the phrase — travelling to find myself — at some point

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