How Technology Uses Sound And Special Effects In Horror Movies To Make It More Scary

Horror movies are massively ghettoized by the mainstream press and the film critics. However, despite all of that horror movies are undoubtedly the most captivating pieces of art which exist. It might look to a lot of you that creating a horror movie is easy but the fact of the matter is that scaring the audience is not easy. The tricks that horror movies use to scare are a perfect mix of the understanding of the human physiology and psychology and the technological know-how of the staff creating it.

Shivanshi, who offers assignment help with a leading homework provider says that jump scare which is the classic horror movie device might look like an old hat to many. However, it is these techniques that send a shiver through the audiences. So, here we’ll discuss with you some special sound and light effects in the horror movies which makes it really terrifying. You’ll be surprised to know that few of the techniques work just about every time they are used. So, let’s get started and see some of these techniques.

Liberal use of negative space

A lot of you might already know what negative space is? But for those who don’t: A negative space in a cinema is every portion of the frame which isn’t the subject of your focus. So, in the larger picture, this space is to give your eyes a place to rest. Atishay, who offers online C++ homework help adds that this place could be literally anything – a refrigerator, a wall or just a plain black space. Films usually try to create a balance between the positive and the negative space to assure that there isn’t too much of negative space because when this space is massive it makes the audience uncomfortable.   

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Jump Scares

The most maligned trick in the magic bag of a horror movie is the jump scare and when this is done well it can be really effective. When you are watching a horror movie you are naturally very hyper-vigilant and thus more susceptible to a jump scare.

Subversion of classic horror tropes

Siddhi who did an excellent cloudways review for a leading hosting review website says that the most obvious version of subversion is when the character of a movie looks in the bathroom mirror or opens or closes the mirror but nothing happens. In the past few decades, horror movies have been created to condition the audiences to jump scare when the mirror closes and there’s a spook, ghoul or a specter. So, when the narrative is given but not completion, the audience is left hanging. This gets them comfortable. Because you are expecting something but that doesn’t happen and that’s exactly what you expect from a horror movie.    

Tight Framing

Inherently the tight frames aren’t really very scary rather they are used for punching a joke or showcasing a close-up or putting forth a three-camera sitcom. It is also a great way of building an entire scene when all the actors aren’t even present in the frame. But the concept of the tight frame can be really terrifying.

Nonlinear Sounds

Sarah who offers write my essay services online, says that sound too plays a huge role in the efficiency of a horror movie. However, the importance of the sound is often ignored. The Spooky atmosphere and frightening visuals are great however there’s absolutely nothing without a good horror sound effect. The greatest trick for creating unease in the horror film is by the use of non-linear sound. Some of the common sounds used are people screaming, distressed animals, clunking oil rig, etc.

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Infrasound is a sound or a tone that exists at 19 Hz or even lower than that. These sounds cannot be heard by the human ear. However, the sounds can be felt by the body. Sheetal who works with a prominent portal where you can find college term papers for sale explains infrasound further by adding that it is a phenomenon that is created by avalanches, wind, and earthquakes. Such a low-frequency sound unsettles the humans especially when the duration of it is higher.

Subliminal Images

Abhinav who offers project management courses online says that the greatest misconception around the subliminal image is that they will force you to take an action after seeing a visual. For instance, they can drive you to do anything from marrying a horse to just going shopping. Such is the impact of subliminal images.

Irregular Movement

When a thing doesn’t move in a normal manner or is unsettling, it can be personally unsettling. So, a lot of irregular movements are used to horrify the audiences on the other end.

So, these are a few of the sound and special effects that are used in horror movies to make it scarier.

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