Technological Advantages Of Studying At Top Universities: Is Stanford Mobile An Example Of The Best App For Stanford University Students?

One of the best things about studying at an Ivy League college is the access to tons of resources and materials, not to mention different technological advantages such college can offer. For instance, students at Stanford University can download an app called Stanford Mobile which does not only offer special education tools but also has tons of other useful features, such as the ability to talk to fellow students, a map with the best places to eat on campus, event updates and so on. Apart from helping students deal with Stanford essays, it is also a great way to stay updated with college life at this educational institution.

Stanford Mobile is an example of the best app that has been designed by an educational institution. Apart from that the fact that it may help you deal with the task of writing a Stanford essay, it is also a great tool to help in teaching students in case you are a professor. You can use this app in class to facilitate the learning process and make sure every single person in the classroom is engaged in the process. Students spend hours on their phones. So, Stanford has decided to put that time to better use and offer its students something they might actually be interested in.

One of the ways in which Stanford Mobile helps its students deal with the task of writing a Stanford roommate essay or any other kind of Stanford essays they have to submit on a daily basis is the opportunity to find others who are currently facing the same problem. Apart from that, it is a great space to ask for advice: for instance, a student can ask for help when they are writing Stanford essays from older students who have already completed tons of such assignments. Even hearing some words of encouragement will definitely make the whole process of writing a Stanford supplement essay much more enjoyable. Apart from that, connecting with somebody who is also struggling with the task of writing Stanford essays may help these two students deal with the assignment faster and even have some free time to go grab a dinner or coffee together. Thus, they will bond over a complex task and might actually become friends. Even though we have so many apps on our phones that allow us to talk to pretty much anyone on the planet, the majority of people feel really alone and isolated. That is the reason why developing college apps that help students get out there and connect plays a more vital role than simply finding a study buddy. It is a superb opportunity to get to know people in the real world and to stay in touch with them.

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Yet, the main lesson to learn here is that every other educational institution should follow the example of Stanford University and develop their own app. It helps new students figure out their way around the campus, meet new people, find a study group or even get interested in a new hobby or activity. We spend a lot of time on our phones, and there really is no way to change that. This is the world we live in. Surely, scrolling through Facebook or Instagram can become addictive. The good news is that there are still ways to spend time looking at our phone screen in a more productive way. Creating and developing college mobile apps is one of such apps as they help students be more involved in campus life, feel like they belong and even improve their grades. This is one of the benefits of technology we can actually make use of.

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