How To Improve Manager-Driver Communications While Boosting Efficiency

Big or small, your fleet will benefit from efficient communications and your business will benefit from synchronized operations.  

Communication between managers and fleet drivers can improve driver safety, productivity and improve driver job satisfaction. It is possible to do so and make other beneficial improvements, by ensuring you have the ideal route planning software for your business, as this software will …

  • Increase route-finding time 
  • Find faster, more efficient routes
  • Dispatching vehicle

A route-planner is used as a means to find optimal routes for drivers while being time and fuel-efficient. Not only does it plan efficient routes, but it also acts as a useful managerial tool to help relieve employees of the daunting task of fleet management.

A manager’s job is to coordinate the employees they oversee while maintaining…

  • Budgets
  • Vehicles
  • Deliveries
  • Registering
  • Licensing 

While also maximising profits and minimizing cost, they have a lot on their plate and a route planning software provider can help massively decrease this workload for a reasonable price, less than hiring and training more staff to ease the workload.

Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Making the best out of your business’ resources will reduce costs and improve its ability to compete in the industry.

A route planner does what it says on the tin, it plans the driver’s routes to ensure time and fuel is being used at its most efficient. An accurately planned route will allow managers to assess the costs attached to each journey (labour, fuel) and stay within budget. As well as the financial benefits to a more efficient route, they can provide more precise ETAs for customers, improving customer satisfaction and encouraging their loyalty as opposed to using a competitor. 

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Driver and Vehicle Control

 A route planner will monitor the driver as well as the vehicle, allowing managers to check their style of driving to ensure they are being safe and also to ensure no unscheduled stops are being made that could compromise ETAs or costs. 

But it does benefit the drivers as well as the manager, as it allows drivers to familiarised themselves with the routes before even getting on the road. The planner will also plan stops for the driver to eat or rest, eliminating the need to search for stops on unfamiliar roads, that could cause them anxiety if they feel lost or off track.


With quicker routes, more can be completed in a day. Drivers can make multiple stops and increase the number of customers reached each day, in turn, enabling your business to take on more customers and generate more income.

Productivity can also be improved by managers, as hours normally spent on planning routes can be saved by the users of the software, and enable them to complete other tasks. The planner enables managers to delegate time-consuming tasks to the route planner, without paying an employee a wage to do the same thing.

Driver Safety 

A business should always be concerned with profitability and efficiency, but the safety of workings is a top priority.

Weather can seriously increase the risk of driver safety, with the number of accidents of the road skyrocketing due to adverse weather conditions.

When planning routes manually is it much harder to determined which areas are experiencing weather issues at the times your drivers will be passing, but with a route planner, you won’t have to worry. The software will look at the regions that the routes use and anticipate weather conditions and whether they are safe enough for the drivers. And it’s done automatically. 

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Maps are unreliable as it will not alert you of …

  • Road closures
  • Traffic
  • New roads
  • Accidents 

With a route planner, all of these factors are accounted for and the optimal routes are selected avoiding the inevitable delays. 

Also, if a driver was to drive with the route planned manually and headed down a closed road, your business could have to pay a fine as well as increasing journey time, giving an unreliable ETA to the customer and leaving them unsatisfied with the service.

Evaluate Work Force 

A route planner can do many things to help make your business run at its best and it can also provide managers with data that allows them to objectively assess the business.

When a driver can take a quicker route and be more fuel-efficient, they can make more stops in a day, limiting the need for so many vehicles in your fleet. The planner could allow you to reduce the size of the fleet and therefore save mass amounts of money of both labour and vehicles. 

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