Are Maltese Gaming Trends A Microcosm Of Global Habits?

Over the last few years, the global iGaming industry has reached new, unprecedented heights. In turn, this has resulted in contemporary gamers exploring a wide array of diverse, casino-oriented markets. Intriguingly, this shift in user trends has been indicative of the ever-changing nature of the sector.

While the emergence of online casinos has proved fruitful to numerous countries, the market’s growth has highlighted the influence of Malta regarding digital gambling. Fundamentally, the Southern European island country’s existing gaming outlook is a reflection of broader alterations. So, let’s consider Malta’s approach to in-house and online gaming.

Analyzing Malta’s Land-Based Offerings 

Recently, increasing numbers of casino players have sought to explore numerous offerings available at digital operators. Primarily, this is a result of the accessibility, convenience, and variation that comes with web-based platforms.  Despite that, in-house opportunities remain a focal point of the country’s in-house entertainment.

Although there is little choice available to those seeking a land-based casino experience, with VisitMalta listing four establishments that provide traditional offerings, the scale of each illustrates their local appeal. Of those available, Casino Malta by Olympic Casino is the country’s largest, with its opportunities covering poker, table games, and 300 video machines. Since opening in 2015, the facility is considered to be Malta’s best casino because of its diverse approach to in-house entertainment.

However, despite the popularity of land-based casinos, the emergence of digital alternatives has enabled Malta to explore varied approaches to contemporary betting. In this regard, it’s apparent that the country is something of a microcosm of global trends. As per Malta InsideOut, slot machines generally take a backseat compared to roulette, for example, which is the island country’s most popular game. Interestingly, this is somewhat similar to the United Kingdom. Of all the activities, a Gambling Commission report states that sports betting is participated in the most, as opposed to slots.

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Diversifying to Become an Industry Leader 

While land-based establishments have yet to allow Malta to explore the development of in-house slots, digital alternatives have proved to be undeniably beneficial. Contrary to Malta’s limited real-world casinos, the country boasts a significant presence within the iGaming sector. Crucially, the Malta Gaming Authority regulates one of the country’s major economic contributors in the form of both in-house and digital casinos.

Because of the sector’s well-regulated nature, Malta has become the industry’s leading figure, morphing itself into the world’s iGaming capital. To showcase this, a whole host of contemporary operators are licensed by the MGA, including Caxino. The platform itself offers prospective players a whole host of gaming opportunities, such as live variants, table games, and slots, such as Aztec Gems Deluxe and Deadwood.

Interestingly, this showcases how the country’s influence has enabled it to explore aspects of the casino industry that have yet to hit the heights at land-based facilities. With slots now becoming a central part of iGaming, Malta’s influence could aid in enhancing the appeal of machine games across the world.

In a Position to Bring About Change 

Digitally, Malta is a dominant player in the world of casino gaming. While it remains to be seen if this leading status will impact real-world slot popularity, few can argue that it won’t have any negative implications on participation. In becoming a central figure in the iGaming industry, it appears apparent that local gaming trends in Malta are mirrored by players across the globe, hence the need for well-regulated operators.

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