5 Perks Of Installing A VPN Service

Privacy and security are some of the most prominent concerns in today’s digital age. Even laypersons know the importance of keeping digital information safe as you browse the Internet. Thus, in 1996 the concept of Virtual Private Network (VPN) emerged through the development of a Peer to Peer Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). However, the design concept was released only in 1999.

The Beginning of VPN 

VPN was intended for large organisations as a means to provide a secure and private channel for exchanging messages. It also provides employees in different office locations access to shared and vital office files. However, it wasn’t long before average users started employing VPNs for personal use as third-party VPN providers also emerged in the market. Numerous paid and free VPN services are currently being offered. Click here for a list of free VPN services that provide services similar to paid versions. Although paid services offer more servers for the users to connect to, the service may also be quite expensive.

VPN Defined

By definition, VPN is a type of service that is directed for the security and privacy of online activities. Privacy is applied as the VPN allows the user to be anonymous on the Internet by hiding or masking the client’s IP address and then encrypting the traffic.  VPN protocols are utilized and manage how data is transferred between the user and the VPN server.

Advantages of VPN service

Aside from the benefits of VPN mentioned above, here are five advantages of installing a VPN service:

01. Anonymity, Data Protection, and Security

As you browse the Internet, you leave a digital footprint which is a data trail as you browse and perform online activities. The data being collected includes the web pages you visited, email messages, and information submitted to digital services. All your transactions can be easily traced back to the IP address of the computer. Everything, including your browser searching, every website you visited, each link that you clicked, the things you buy online, your online banking transactions, and even your social media comments will be traceable. This information is what hackers are after, but with VPNs, your data is secure because of heavy encryption and IP masking implemented by the service. Furthermore, you will also be sure that your data could not be shared or sold to advertisers.

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02. Ad, Malware and Tracker Blocking

There are also services that offer additional security for users. Ads can be annoying and malware disrupt your computer system. Thus, some services include features to block ads, malware, and trackers. With this feature, you will see lesser ads and commercials personalized for you just because you entered an embarrassing keyword.

03. Preventing Bandwidth Throttling

There are instances that Internet Service Providers (ISP) control the speed of accessing certain websites. This is particularly true for websites, such as streaming sites, that require a large amount of bandwidth. To keep their system clear and to ensure that there is enough bandwidth for all their users, ISPs can control the user’s bandwidth. However, VPN services prevent this from happening since it encrypts your online activity and internet traffic. ISPs would not know which sites you are visiting or if you intend to stream videos. This is also true when playing games and downloading large files. As a result, you will have smoother browsing, streaming and gaming experience.

04. Bypass Restrictions

VPN technology can allow access to geo-restricted content and firewalls. Content providers usually impose restrictions to limit the movies, websites, TV shows and music for a geographic location to comply with proprietary reasons. Some countries also impose restrictions, as stated in their laws and regulations. Good thing VPNs would let you bypass such restrictions. This is especially helpful for travelers who may need the content on their company website or office network. Additionally, users now can view movies and TV shows that are not yet available in their area.

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05. Mobility

VPN technology can be used on any device. When you want to avail of this technology, it is vital to look for this feature. Mobility is essential, especially nowadays when any individual can work on any device. Anyone can use a computer or laptop at home, save their files, and then access them afterward via their smartphones while traveling or when away at home. Using a VPN is convenient because you can easily access essential data that you may need. In connection with this, VPN service providers may also allow you to connect multiple devices depending on the plan that you have availed.

Also, VPN technology can be used on any network or hotspot. Whatever network you use, it will not matter to a VPN technology because this was developed to provide private and secure online transactions. It does not rely on any network or wi-fi connection. As long as you are connected to the VPN, the technology will be flexible enough to provide its primary goals of privacy, security, protection, and even peace of mind.

The main benefit of VPNs is directed towards privacy and security, but it is not limited to that. With VPN services, you can ensure that your information is safeguarded and that you have uninterrupted browsing and gaming experience. You are made sure of your online safety whatever connection you use. Moreover, your access to websites and digital content will not be hindered wherever you are or whatever device you employ.

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