Top 7 Most Popular Online Casino Games

Casino gaming has been with mankind for centuries. What started as games have turned into gambling favourites where players can take their chances and take risks in exchange for doubling their money. As the technology evolved, we no longer need to go to a casino to play. We just have to launch our favourite games from either a desktop or a mobile device. Today, we will take a look at the top seven most popular online casino games that you can play.

Video Poker

Video poker comes in many forms like Pai Gow, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, or Double Bonus. Whatever it is, your goal is to beat the dealer’s hand. There are tons of rules that surround the video poker industry, and it is best that you play just one or two types.

While it is true that the games are designed to be in favour of the house, there are many things you can do to tilt that favour to yours. You need to focus your attention on just one or two games, and then study how you can make better decisions that will improve your winning odds.

Texas Holdem Poker

This is the most popular form of poker where players compete against each other. There is also a mechanical version where you get to play against a computer, but nothing beats the thrill of competing against other players.  

  • In Texas Holdem, you receive two cards. The table shows five community cards. 
  • Your goal is to be able to form the best possible hand to beat your opponents. 
  • You do not know what cards they have, so you have no idea how strong their hands are. 

The aim of the game is to take the right risks based on how your opponents bet. On each round players can raise the bet if they think they have a strong hand, fold their hand, or call your raise. The end of the game is a showdown between all players who have not folded. The person with the best hand wins the pot. 

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There are two main types of roulette — the European and American variant. The game is made of a spinning wheel with equally divided slots. Each slot has a number and a colour. All these colours and numbers are laid out on the betting table.

You need to place a bet on a colour or number where you think the ball will land. If the ball lands on your chosen number or colour, you win a prize. Roulette has many other betting types, such as betting on odd or even numbers, a group, a dozen, and many more.  


Blackjack is a combination of skill and chance. The goal is to have combined card values that sum to 21 but never exceed it, and also to beat the dealer’s hand. Blackjack is a simple game if you master it. There are even card counters in the game who can calculate the odds or likelihood of beating the dealer’s hand. 

In blackjack, it is best to get started by learning the basic rules of betting. There are many tables from experts that will show you the best decision according to the card values you have. A table like this is based on statistical assumptions. It tells you whether you have to ask for another card or just stand.   

Blackjack has many variants like 21+3 Blackjack, European, progressive, Spanish 21, and many more. If you are just starting out, you have to play Classic Blackjack.

Slot Machines

The slot machine first came into existence in the 1800s. The aim is to spin the reels in the hopes that you land a combination of the same symbols on a single line or row. 

Over the years, slots have evolved and most of them now have five reels and three rows instead of one. As such, there are many possible combinations that you can make. Slots are the most popular of all gambling games because of simplicity. No skills are required to play the game. 

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A vast majority of slots now are online, and there are thousands upon thousands of slot games that you can play.


Baccarat is a game where you only have to make a decision on how to bet — player, banker or tie. In it, the dealer will distribute two cards for the banker and the player — these are grids on the baccarat table. The card values will be added, and the card hand that has the value closer to nine wins.  

If you bet on the player and the player wins, you win. Cards with the face value and the number ten are marked as 0. All card combinations that are higher than 10 will get their last digit as their value. For example, a hand with 10 and 7 gets a value of 7, not 17. 


Bingo used to be a pastime activity among neighbours. Now, there are physical game rooms dedicated to bingo where there is a host that facilitates the game. 

  • In bingo, you buy cards with random numbers under five columns. 
  • An announcer will draw balls with numbers. If that number is on your card, you need to cross it out. 
  • Your goal is to form a winning pattern—the pattern is made up of the numbers you have crossed. 
  • Bingo games have different prizes. Bigger prizes mean that you have to buy the cards at a higher cost.


As time goes by, there will be more and more new games available to players. Game developers are innovative, but it takes years for some games to catch up. If you are a fan of online gaming, you should be able to see what is trending, as most casinos offer the hottest games available at any given time. 

If there is one thing that we cannot deny, these seven games we reviewed will stay on top for a long while. They have been around for centuries, and their popularity is not waning.

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