The Urbanization Of Raccoons In US Cities

Raccoons are extremely intelligent, incredibly adaptable, and strangely cute! They are also known as “Nature’s Bandit”. This wild animal has always been a part of American streets in the countryside. As they migrate to the urban areas of the US, more and more households learn to deal with the consequences of having them around.

As urbanization is expanding throughout the country, the population density of raccoons is rapidly increasing. This fact is supported by research conducted by the University of Minnesota Duluth showing that between the 1970s to the early 2010s, there was a significantly high increase in raccoon presence in states such as Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota.

As global warming continues to affect ecosystems and food source availability for raccoons, this wild animal is expected to expand its territories and increase its population across other states including those in the south.

Let’s explore the factors that make raccoons thrive and multiply in urban areas:

01. Raccoons can consume anything.

Raccoons are omnivorous, which means they can eat just about anything! From berries it picked up in the park to some leftover steak – you name it, they can eat it! They are great survivalists which means that they are capable of finding food and shelter, even when competing with other nuisance animals.

02. Raccoons are agile creatures.

Raccoons are superb climbers. They can climb trees, roofs, fences, attics, and chimneys. Their hand-like front paws make it easy for them. They also don’t mind falling down. Their bodies are made to sustain a minor impact without getting severe injuries.

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03. Raccoons’ predators are not present in urban areas.

Foxes and coyotes are the major predators of raccoons. Since the two hate living in cities, raccoons are free to roam around without the threat of becoming someone’s dinner. Although they are still prone to get hit by cars in urban areas, it’s not as bad as being hunted down by another wild and hungry animal.

What can we do to fight the spread of raccoons?

Raccoons are stubborn creatures that are absolutely hard to deal with. Homeowners who have experienced the terrible damages caused by their presence are aware that removing them from your house is a real problem. This may take more than just you but your entire neighborhood and community. In addition to this, there are different laws by state regarding raccoon removal that must be followed. Getting help from a wildlife professional is the smartest thing to do!

Visit to learn about techniques and hacks from wildlife professionals on how to remove raccoons from your property. This site features hundreds of effective tips that you can do by yourself at home. It provides step by step guides on making raccoon repellents and setting raccoon traps.

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