How To Speed Up Your Internet: The Complete Guide

Did you know that nine-in-ten American adults use the internet on a daily basis?

The internet helps us connect with friends and family all around the world, helps us find answers for those strange questions, and ensures we can complete work.

There’s no doubt that the internet helps to boost productivity, however, slow internet can prevent you from connecting with friends and getting your work done. If you suffer from slow internet, find out our tips on how to speed up internet connections.

How to Speed Up Internet: 9 Ways to Speed Up Internet

If you’re wondering how to make your internet faster then the chances are you’ve encountered slow loading websites, buffering signs on streaming apps, or lost connections when on video calls to your friends. Nothing is more infuriating than a slow internet connection.

Luckily, there are several fixes that you can try to boost your internet speed, so you can go back to what you were doing.

1. Place Your Wi-Fi Router in the Right Spot

One way to get a better internet connection and thus speed up the internet in your home or office is by placing the Wi-Fi router in the right spot. Signal strength plays a key role in the speed you’re able to surf the web.

The closer you are to the router, the better, but this isn’t always possible. So instead, you need to ensure that the router is placed in a central location. Elevating your router might also help to boost your signal.

2. Connect to Your Ethernet Cables

If the replacement of your Wi-Fi router doesn’t speed up your internet, then you might want to try connecting to your ethernet cables.

Wirelessly connecting to the internet is more convenient, however, a wired connection will boost your connection and improve your internet speed ten-fold. That’s because ethernet connections are more secure and faster.

3. Update Your Browser

An out-of-date browser that needs an update will slow down your internet speed. Always make sure you update your browser when it prompts you to do so.

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Remember that some browsers are better than others when it comes to internet speed. For example, Google Chrome doesn’t need Flash or JavaScript and operates by using minimal memory, which means that it is an optimized browser. Firefox is also another optimized browser because it has extensions installed that stop pop-ups and ads interfering with the speed of your internet.

4. Clear Your Cache and Cookies Regularly

Another quick fix you can to do speed up your internet connection is by clearing cache and cookies. You can clear these manually in your browser or alternatively, you can download a plug-in that’ll clear it for you.

Cache and cookies can slow down your internet speed, so you need to remember to clear these regularly. Try to clean the cache and cookies daily (especially if you use the browser a lot) as this will help prevent you from experiencing slower internet speeds.

5. Clean Up Your Programs

Most laptops and PCs have unnecessary programs on them. If you have programs that you no longer use, make sure you uninstall and delete them. Programs that need the internet will interfere with your connection and speed, even if they aren’t open.

6. Remove Malware

Malware, adware, and viruses can all clog up your PC and make it run much slower. That’s why it’s important to have antivirus and malware scanning software on your PC. These can help you protect your computer from unwanted malware attacks and ensure your internet speed stays fast.

Remember to regularly scan malware and viruses on your computer and remove anything that the scan shows. You also need to make sure your malware and antivirus software is up-to-date, so you have the best protection for your computer.

7. Block Ads

Ads are all over the internet and not only can they be annoying to see all the time, but they can also be harmful to your internet speed. Ads can seriously slow down your internet speed, so the best way to stop this from happening is by blocking them.

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But manually blocking each ad that pops up would take forever, that’s why you should install an ad-blocking plugin for your browser. These plugins can help block ads that slow your internet speed down. Plugins can be adjusted, so if you keep seeing ads that you don’t want to see or ones that compromise your speed then you can just add them to the blocked list.

8. Download Less

If you’re wondering how to improve download speeds on your computer then you need to think about the bandwidth of your internet supplier. The bandwidth is the total speed of the internet you have.

If your bandwidth is low then you should download less at any given time. Try to minimize how much you do or download will improve speeds and ensure you can do or download things faster. If you have high download speeds then you don’t need to worry about doing or downloading less, as your bandwidth should be able to do multiple things at once.

9. Switch Internet Providers

If you’re still struggling with slow internet speeds and don’t know what to do, it might be time to switch internet providers. Sometimes there are better deals with other companies for new customers.

Take advantage of these deals and switch to a provider who offers you want you need. For example, businesses should find a provider who gives reliable, fast, and scalable business internet solutions. While those switching providers for personal use at home might find a deal that offers better download speeds so the whole family can watch movies and be on the internet at the same time.

Say No to Slow Internet and Get More Done

Slow internet can interrupt your personal and professional life and it can decrease productivity. If you’re tired of slow internet speeds, follow our tips on how to speed up internet to reap the benefits of a faster connection.

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